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News 19 May 2012
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17th of May is a milestone for the Eurovision community since it was the second time unknown hackers targeted popular Eurovision websites and the first they succeeded in causing permanent damage.

The story

Most of you are already know that was the victim of a hackers attack which caused a great loss of material accumulated during the 12 years of the site’s existence. Many of the articles, scripts and rest of files were deleted from the server due to a security hole on our website (and not a DDoS attack as reported). Unfortunately the attack was not a simple deface but a mean action against a team’s hard work.

Despite all that though the website is back. A brand new that will offer our readers a whole new range of services.

And now what?
Due to the fact that we had already been working on a new format we had backups from last summer as well as few new more which will be recovered throughout the next weeks.
After the attack we had to decide whether to try to recover the old website or stay offline for a few days and return with the new format. We went for the latter.
Unfortunately we didn’t have the amount of time we needed to prepare the website with all the sections we were planning but our main priority will be to constantly update and upgrade it.
Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the new!

One week before the Eurovision final in Baku, it would be a blasphemy for to be absent. We are back and we are stronger and we moving on with a huge smile and a THANK YOU for your support and the lovely messages we received from you.

Come on in and enjoy the new!

Feel free to look around and make your suggestions using the comments form below to improve your favourite Eurovision website.

Old members can use their email and password combination they used in the old website. You can also recover your forgotten passwords.

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Michalis Vranis
Michalis Vranis

Being part of team since 2007, my destiny was to take over the website I love the most in 2012. Happy and proud!

  • Mewithnoguitar

    Where is your forum? I can’t find the link. HELP!!!

  • tiptaptip

    Good to see you back!


    I was very shocked and appalled at what happened to Esctoday.

    As the saying goes to all bigots and extremists out there : “hate is not a family value”!

    Best luck and welcome back ;-)

    Olivier from Paris

  • â

    I hope I will be able to change my name later.

  • â

    Welcome back!

  • frank bernnod

    Thank God, esctoday is back. Hackers go to hell!!!!

  • Barry Garrett

    Great look new site. Well Done guys. Keep up the good work :)

  • Raki &Balik

    I liked the new modern design of the site, well done guys!

  • Barbara Kooyman

    Welcome back! Missed the site! Ignorant people!

  • we are back

    It looks greattttt! i really liked the new site more than the other one (well sorry but it was dated :P) we are stronger now !

  • Daniel H

    ESCtoday, i’m so happy you are back! all the best from me!

  • p. tiggy

    It’s good to have you back. I missed you guys. i guess because I once did a few reviews for you it hurt me too. But stronger you will become, yes.

  • Vanilla Ninja

    Welcome back! You’ve been missed.
    Great new design.

  • Mihai Svaam

    So glad esctoday is back. Don’t know what I did without you!

  • Atz82 Finland

    welcome back!!! when we get news from ogae voting????

  • Sergio Méndez

    I’m glad for your return online ESCToday. Wellcome back and stay strong as always you have did it.
    Is a great new website. Greetings!

  • Mr T

    well done, brilliant job, glad you’re back

  • CC thanks Europe & Asia â

    I guess I am un-blocked now?

    Welcome back. The new site looks much better now. Happy ESC-time everyone. :)

  • Glen Bartlett

    Great new website! Quite a revamp I must say! Welcome back :)

  • Richard Higginson

    A HUGE welcome back to the internet. You have been missed over the last few days. Best wishes with the new site, and keep up the excellent work.

  • Dennis Evans

    Welcome back. Glad that those hasckers didn’t stop this site coming back. You are a big part in my keeping up-to-date with the ESC.

    Is there anything the members can do to help give you lost info. i.e. videos, voting history etc?

    Kepp up the brilliant work.

  • ken jackson

    Delighted to see esctoday back up! Eurovision wouldn’t have been the same without you! Well done!!

  • Casual Bird

    Congratulations esctoday, your new website looks very nice. Good luck and Happy Eurovision!

  • This is my opinion

    Welcome back esctoday I was waiting for days to have you back esctoday, I am still shocked of how esctoday was hacked,

  • dana the diva


  • just me and my guitar…

    Welcome back ! The forum is totally revised and it will take some time to get used to it..A new beginning it is :) !

  • Graham Philip L

    Welcome back esctoday :)

    • Robert McCann

      Welcome back Now that we all realise how much we missed the site and can imagine the amount of work that will be required to rebuid it and make it better wouldn’t it be a good idea if we all made small contribution (to the extent that we are able). Even €5 from everyone would potentially be a small price to pay for our Eurovsion fix. BTW I have no affilaition with I am just a member but I do know that it cannot be run on fresh air and I think it is time to assist the people who maintain it with more than good messages!
      Thank you
      Robert from London

  • Anders Thore

    Welcome back Esctoday, love from Sweden…

  • Torsten

    Welcome back in the Internet. But it is a pity that we dont would ask for supporting …

    • tim tim

      New design looks fantastic i loved it, but there must a solution to some offensive users .congrats!

  • http://N/A David James Toft

    Dear ESC Today
    May I wish all the countries in tonight’s first pre-qualifier of the Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf, Germany all the best of luck. In addition the hacking of the various Eurovision Web-Sites including ESC Toady was deplorable as it restricts the freedom of speech, expression and information. To the hackers, The Eurovision Song Contest is NOT exclusively for the LGBT community even though it attracts people from the fore mentioned group, the event is for everyone regardless of gender, sexuality, race, religion or age etc. the Eurovision Song Contest is an event for people to enjoy and look foreword to. I am glad that ESC Today has gone online tonight and hope that it will remain online for many years to come I pledge my support.

    Once Again may I wish everyone competing tonight all the best of luck!

    Yours Truly

    David James Toft
    United Kingdom

  • Neville Cassar

    Montenegro -0pts
    Iceland – 7pts