OGAE 2012 poll: Sweden wins by landslide

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OGAE 2012 poll: Sweden wins by landslide

The OGAE International 2012 poll came to an end with Sweden winning by a landslide as main headline. Over the last weeks, fans from across Europe and the rest of the world have cast their vote on their favourite entries in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Please note that the OGAE International poll is not intended to predict the actual outcome of the contest, but reflects the fans’ taste.


The top three in this year’s OGAE poll is completed by Italy and Iceland. Serbia and Norway place immediately after. The Netherlands is the country not to qualify for the final to receive the highest score from the Eurovision fans, thus placing 12th. A total of 32 entries were voted, therefore ten got nil points.

The results of the OGAE International 2012 poll is as follows. Thirty-five fan clubs have voted.

1. Sweden 375
2. Italy 212
3. Iceland 211
4. Serbia 199
5. Norway 164
6. Spain 150
7. Cyprus 104
8. Estonia 81
9. Germany 78
10. France 62
11. Romania 52
12. The Netherlands 43
13. Russia 42
14. United Kingdom 39
15. Greece 33
16. Denmark 27
17. Albania 24
18. Azerbaijan 20
19. Ukraine 15
20. Slovenia 13
-. FYR Macedonia 13
22. Switzerland 12
23. Israel 9
24. Turkey 8
-. Hungary 8
-. Bosnia & Herzegovina 8
27. Latvia 7
28. Finland 6
29. Ireland 5
30. Slovakia 4
31. San Marino 3
32. Malta 1

The rest of the countries got zero points.

You can see the complete results breakdown clicking here.

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Victor Hondal

  • Eurovisionary

    These results show OGAE is a flop as usual. Sweden was the obvious winner from almost every source. One small fraction of success does not vindicate a system. Look at the other results – OGAE’s remaining top 10 – almost abject failure. Iceland, Norway, Cyprus, France? Mega flops! The others in OGAE’s top 10 are moderate flops. Then look at songs in actual top 10 that OGAE left in the carpark: Russia, Albania, Azerbaijan. I said it all season, and I’ll say it one last time: SAY NO TO OGAE!!!

    • Eurovizz


  • This is my opinion

    My comments above, before esc final says norway will win LOL LOL LOL lol i couldnt believe actually that norway ended up ar the very bottom of scoreboard, my oh my, next year i will have to be more careful, anyway it was very hard to predict this year but nevertheless, enaugh of of my favourites got top 10 position, sweden, russia, serbia, azerbaijan, estonia spain germany turkey wooow

  • leni tao

    LoL, now the OGAE voting seems even more fail, except the obvious winner of course

  • Kris Kos


  • Espabila 2012

    Good luck to all and God bless you…!

  • Brett Young

    If OGAE was transferred to tonight Lithuania got nul points

  • This is my opinion

    Doddi Jonsson, nonsense

  • Neil Fulcher

    I’ve only predicted the result (1st place) correctly twice, 1974 Abba,and 2010 Lena. I think that Sweden is the hardcore fan favourite, it’s also the bookies favourite and they rarely get it right. I like the Swedish entry very much so hope this year is the exception that proves the rule.
    I think the Italian entry will feature highly and and Serbia will do well. Russia will pick up the televote but not the juries.
    I’m from the UK so support Engelbert, we’ve sent a man to do a man’s job this year. I’m hopeful of a top 5 finish.
    My precidtion in no order is Sweden, Italy, Serbia, Russia, and UK. i have a soft spot for the Rominian entry.
    Good luck to everyone.

  • Knut Viking

    Like most people in here I dont think the OGAE top 10 will look like the final top 10. I do think Iceland will struggle to get such a good result, and unfortunately I expect them to be further down the final list tonight. After having seen Loreen in the rehearsals and semifinal I think the final is more open – the performance did not make a great impact on me. And as has been said – the performance is better than the song in this case. I do think Italy and Serbia will both be fighting in the top 5. I am also pretty sure that the host country will do MUCH better than in the OGAE polls! I would not be surprised to see Azerbaijan make it to top 3. Russia will be in top 10 for sure. I predict France to do least well of the big 5; looking at around 17 or worse.
    As for the winner? I do think there is a good chance we’ll be going to Rome next year!

  • Jamie Neagle

    Oneurope live blog on the jury rehearsal for Sweden says “Clearly Loreen is over-rated fanwank at Even Money with many UK Bookmakers of repute. Might as well go home, right? – not so much actually. Again, its the EUROVISION song contest and not Euradio cos she is a very bad singer, performing a very half arsed song like something possessed. Winner? – Maybe, but only because it’s the one people think they “should” vote for, it could be said. – Edit, untill SHE forgot her line as well, well coughed on some dandruff actually….. last 45 seconds less than perfect” Also All Kind of Everything blog on Sweden for the jury rehearsal says “With so many songs being underpar tonight, things could be moving in Sweden’s direction. Loreen was very poor this afternoon, but was clearly holding back, but this goes badly off the rails when she appears to swallow some of the snow effect and never fully recovers. Very disappointing. PREDICTION: 6th to 10th” I doubt that Sweden will be the winner, I do hope for Spain or Serbia to win.

  • Crest

    Luckily for us, it’s a rare thing where Ogae gets it right.

  • LuSeNo Galaico-Portugues

    I’ll definitely be voting for ICELAND tomorrow night…! This entrie is way better than the one from Sweden.

  • Donnie Darko

    Iceland was underwhelming in 1st semi and I definitely don’t think they will get anywhere near #2…
    Cyprus is not going anywhere near top 10 for the obvious reasons…
    France will be bottom 10 and NOT top 10.
    Russia , Greece , Azerbaijan and Turkey are way underrated…

  • This is my opinion

    oh and about sweden lower odds, well, anna vissi was even suspended at betting shops (oddschecker list) because of too much bet on her, she was OGAE’s number 1 favourite as well in 2006 eurovision, and she eneded up at bottom og top 10 at position 9, Carola was bookies favourite close to eurovision final, her song invincible was another sweden’s entry that was like euphoria carola the former winner only got position 5 didn’t win, I expect Loreen to get high position but not winner sorry

  • This is my opinion

    Zingo Star, I hate to disapoint you but sorry, the truth is not everyone can have same feeling as you do with euphoria, its not really a special song, its just euphoria/ecstasy thats all, ofcourse its catchy but that doesn’t make it special, honestly I can’t see this one win, we will see that tomorrow night, but good luck

  • Zingo Star

    sweden will win. end of story.

    sweden now has lower odds then when alexander rybak won in 2009.

  • Zingo Star

    F H, how cna you like serbia to place ahead of sweden with an outdated balkan ballad…….. do you want eurovision to be labelled outdated and non-contemporary?.

    sweden has the most modern and special song this year.

  • â

    It’s no surprise that OGAE fans hype Swedish entries, but I seriously doubt she will win with such a big margin. There won’t be a record and she might not even win. Her performance was lacklustre (it looked better in MF) and the song is just average + she has that annoying lisp. I still happen to think it is extremely weird how people can go bananas and so enthusiastic over such average pop songs, but then I am not the one with the most popular taste.

    Both songs are equal to me, but Cyprus is catchier and I would rather have them win for the first time than Sweden for the fifth… even if Ivi is a lousy singer.

  • F H

    Serbia, Spain and Iceland should be placed before Sweden, Italy and Norway because of their quality(both -songer¬song). I strong believe that the juries will see it this way. Regarding other countries, Romania will be better valued than 11th.

  • This is my opinion

    Doddi Jonsson, you say “Tooji’s singing and dancing is impressive, but Loreen has a much better voice” now we know its not a voice contest, its song contest and performance is very important, tooji choreography and song and performance is much much much stronger than Loreen, remmember in 2004 Zeljko’s voice was great and the song was powerful on stage but ruslana wild dance has won ukraine victory, Tooji is even stronger than ruslana except costumes ofcourse everything of tooji performance is perfect fit for the song, I believe he will fly high and that this would be another victory for Norway, best of luck

    • http://www.facebook.com/DoddiJonsson Doddi Jonsson

      Read the full sentence, This is my opinion. I said she had a better voice and moves and dances… so I was praising her moves as well. Performance wise Tooji is not better than Loreen. And if you are such a firm believer in performance and dancing … how did Lena manage to win in 2010?

  • http://www.facebook.com/DoddiJonsson Doddi Jonsson

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but before the crash 35 OGAE clubs had voted, and even though I’m an Icelander, I hate to say it but Italy got 10 points, Iceland 8 (if I remember correctly) and therefore Italy had the second place. But hey … I love this order of the songs… I would love it if this would happen tomorrow :-) (but I would also love Iceland to win, but doesn’t matter the most … I am a proud Icelander already!)

  • This is my opinion

    I still believe norway is the winner

  • This is my opinion

    Well, Loreen is kind of like she is in electric shock trembling like that, or another look like an ostriches shaking weird, but ofcourse since its euphoria its ecstasy which is giving erotic affection, reaching orgasm, pornographic style matches with the song, but man oh man that seaweed costume and snow falling down lol, yes it is weird and scary, performance thats is, well euphoric women can lead to that ofcourse, good luck, now a winner sorry

  • » San â

    I think this could be right regarding the winning entry.

  • e.la

    I sincerely hope that the very mediocre Swedish entry will not win. I just don’t understand why it won the OGAE contest. I trust that Europe will vote differently, and that a good song will win!

  • just me and my guitar…

    Iceland will flop most probably but other than that Sweden, Italy and Serbia consist the most probable top 3..

    • http://www.facebook.com/DoddiJonsson Doddi Jonsson

      On what to do you base that Iceland will “flop most probably”??? And what would you consider a flop? Landing in Top-10? …

  • Zingo Star

    sweden will take it tomorrow night……….

    loreen is amazing

    • Night Editor

      While I’ve always hated it when people keep saying ‘this will win, this will win’, in the case of Sweden I believe you are right. And that will not be a bad thing. It’s a great song. It has winner stamped all over it.

  • estodayuk

    i thick uk will do well but we would win

  • This is my opinion

    Noway wil win, OGAE winner will be disappointment once again, so Norway win win win, we will all see that, best of luck, now Norway willl defenitelyt be the televoters number one with big difference from other contestants, Tooji is young, handsome, the song is contemporary contender, its in english that most would understand the lyrics etc, you wouldn’t expect Serbia, sweden could get more from televoters than Norway as Norway have more advantage over e.g. sweden and serbia, if sweden and serbia can’t beat norway with televoting don’t think others have any chance to beat Norway with televoting, with jury again Norway will get high position, as Tooji singing managing his voice while doing the taugh act/dance not an easy job to do to concentrate on 2 things or more at the same time and connect with audience during the performance, we know with Sweden all Loreen has got to do is make love with herself and scream euphoria and u-u-u-u-p of short notes, don’t get me wrong I like the song, but the performance is bigger than the song, but then again Loreen is making in love with herself that is not doing much for the audience, good luck anyway, still I believe Norway is gonna win

    • http://www.facebook.com/DoddiJonsson Doddi Jonsson

      Strange thing to say, hasn’t OGAE “predicted” the winner correctly 3 out of 5 times since they began voting? Even though I am not sure Loreen will win (I think Serbia has a chance along with Italy … and maybe Spain), I think she alone has the chance to crush this year’s competition. If she won’t win … I think the winner will be decided with a narrow margin. Tooji’s singing and dancing is impressive, but Loreen has a much better voice and she moves and dances too. So that logic fails, imo. And Zeljko … has an incredibly good control over his song… – I wouldn’t mind Norway winning, but I don’t think it will happen. Sorry.

    • P B

      The OGAE for once predicted the winner spot on! Just 3p difference from the actual numerical results!

      Ooooh what a wonderful day, SWEDEN was the absolutely desereved winner, with a killer performance, voice and song! I can only hope that from now on countries start to send only quality songs to the eurovision, and that the conntest will get a higher status and standard for a concept that actually promotes good quality artist that have a good chance to go on an make it big with the contest as a spring board!

      Kind of funny to see all the interesting discusiions that took place on this forum prior to the finale, so much passion and feelings being moved! ;-P

      Now, thanks for this year, take care and a warm welcome to wonderful SWEDEN next year! :-D

  • http://www.robinoost.hyves.nl Robin Oost

    Sad sad sad Netherlands :'(