Austrian broadcaster confirms 2013 participation

Austria 27 May 2012
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Austrian broadcaster confirms 2013 participation

Not a day has passed since Loreen of Sweden lifted the crystal trophy of the 57th Eurovision Song Contest and the first country to confirm their participation via their broadcaster’s official website is non other than Austria.

Austria debuted in 1957 and ever since have taken numerous short or longer breaks either due to not being eligible for scoring badly the previous years or in protest for the bad placings the country achieved.

Today, ORF General Director Alexander Wrabetz confirmed that Austria will be taking part in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. Although, Trackshittaz actually ended last in the first semi final this year, ORF state they are happy with their performance and will discuss the format of the selection of their next representative at a later date but there will be no discussion on their participation next year.


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Stella Floras

Thanks to Johnny Logan and Hold me now I fell in love with the Eurovision Song Contest, a love that's been going strong ever since with undiminished passion. My first memories date back to 1977 and the lyrics of Rock bottom, Dschinghis Khan and A ba ni bi are still engraved in my brain. I joined in 2006 as a junior editor after being invited by Barry Viniker, I soon became Senior Editor and during the 2007 contest in Helsinki I was appointed Head of Communications. Today I hold the post of Head of Human Resources and I am proud to be working with the best editorial team in the world.

  • garydunn

    Austria not getting to the final this year is truly the biggest shock of this years contest in my opinion. i loved the song before and still do. I think it was a very brave entry for austria to send and i tell you this, trackshittaz has gained me as a fan of thier music now! they should be happy they have gave themselves a bigger platform for themselves. best of luck to austria next year as ultimatley this is the only thing that failed them this year :)

  • Daniel S

    Well if they are organised enough to confirm 2013 participation – let’s hope that they spend some time choosing a decent entry, this year’s Austrian ‘song’ was a monstrosity – though they must be gutted to have come behind Montenegro, which was definitely one of the worst performances ever seen on a Eurovision stage

  • This is my opinion

    Trackshittaz deserved last position, they were acting too smart with crap they brough on stage, sorry I have to say this but then again they got the result so anyway, maybe austria is angry that they have already confermed their participation, they must be that desparate to win. well its taugh competition they will have to work harder than what they did to end up having Track-shit-taz, lol, just joking, good luck to Austria

  • dimitris calling

    A wise decision!

  • Kelan KW (Top5: AZER, HUN, SWE, UK & FRA/DEN)

    I just hope they come back with something as special as their song in 2011! a very powerful song that deserved so much more!

  • Rikard Gustavsson

    Thank you so much Europe!

    Finally once again we prooved that any country can win as long as the song is strong enough!

    • Crest

      Strong enough and has a bunch of nordic/germanic Northern European neighbours.

      We still haven’t had a country without many neighbours, ie Malta, win for a long time.

      When Malta, Iceland, Slovakia, or Portugal win, or a country like UK can win again. then you will have proved any country can win.

      • Milan S.

        What was wrong with Germany winning? Where did those votes dome from?!

      • just me and my guitar…

        Germany was in the bottom 5 for 5 years or so and won by a landslide in 2010..Sweden failed to qualify in 2010 and was in the right side of the board for many years before 2011 and won with another landslide. Get over it.

        • Crest

          Having neighbours and friends doesn’t guarantee you a good place every year, but it means that when you do send a good song, you can win.

          Countries without neighbours, or friends since about 2005 haven’t been able to even get near the leaderboard.

          Germany is friendly with Nordic, Benelux, Francophone, Austria-Switzerland, poland, czechoslavkia, and the 3 baltics.

          Now they don’t vote for Germany ever year, but when Germany sends a decent song, they come out.

          The problem is Azerbaijan, who gets USSR votes, Turkic, and Diaspora votes, as well as bizzare votes from small countries such as Malta (no idea why Malta goes for them every year now)

  • just me and my guitar…

    Congratulations ! you do have some self respect after all..Please get back on track Austria and send something at least half as good as Nadine and her beautiful ballad. Good luck !

    • Crest

      Woki mit deim Popo was ahead of its time, its the type of song you would hear in the UK/US charts nowadays. Euphoria is late 90’s to mid 00’s in terms of UK/US.

      In the next decade, a song like Woki mit deim Popo will win, as Eurovision would finally have moved into the late 2000’s early 2010’s

      • just me and my guitar…

        The time an ultimate trash like LED lights in women’s bottoms wins the contest is officially over I am afraid..I am sorry, naive sexism is quite dated and definately has nothing to do with the 2010’s unlike Loreen who was mesmerising and the whole Europe recognised that. Eurovision has moved ahead, Austria decided to remain far behind this year – and got exactly what it deserved.

      • just me and my guitar…

        P.S. Loreen just topped the charts in the UK. I can’t see the ahead of its time bottom shaking anywhere in there to be honest..

  • p. tiggy

    I’m waiting to see the BBC spit out the dummy

    • Crest

      And they’d be well within their rights to do so. It was disgusting voting last night!

      How can a man who’s sung with Elvis and won chart battles with the Beetles be beaten by a shriek from Albania.

      I think televoters probably voted us a lot higher, but juries dragged us down. Engelbert is popular all over Europe, as are Blue, televote had Blue 5th, Juries 22nd.

  • Dan Conway

    Good for them!! True sportsmanship, I was worried they would withdraw after seeing the results in the Semi.

  • Sascha22

    =) YAY I’m very happy that my country isn’t a bad looser anymore! =)

  • Karolis lastname

    I hope to see something better than this year from Austria:) Although I wanted Woki in the final..