The bidding has started!

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The bidding has started!

Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö? The triumph has barely subsided after Saturday’s final in Baku when the preparations for the upcoming contest in Sweden have begun. Today the Swedish broadcaster SVT is having their first meeting about Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and the bidding has already started.


When it became evident that Sweden had won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, the city of Gothenburg preliminary booked the Scandinavium Arena together with the Swedish exhibition halls in Gothenburg and 3,000 hotel rooms. In Malmö, the Malmö Arena was booked for the same reasons. Local medias in both Gothenburg and Malmö have stated that both cities are ready for what could be called a tug of war with Stockholm about getting the possibility to host next year’s contest.

There are several factors affecting the planning of the upcoming contest 14th, 16th and 18th of May 2013. As Stockholm could be seen as the natural host city choice, local media claim that the hosting of the World Championship in hockey 3rd-19th of May 2013 might influence the choice of another Swedish city, something that the Swedish broadcaster SVT has confirmed.

On the other hand, could the possible arenas in Gothenburg and Malmö be considered as too small for an event like Eurovision Song Contest, as Scandinavium can take 14 000 spectators and Malmö Arena 15 400 spectators. The likely choice could therefore be the newly constructed Friends Arena in Solna/Stockholm with a capacity of 67 500 spectators.

Sweden has hosted Eurovision Song Contest 4 times before. 1975 at Älvsjömässan in Stockholm, 1985 at Scandinavium in Gothenburg, 1992 at the Isstadium in Malmö, and in 2000 at the Globe Arena in Stockholm.

Stay tuned for more information.

Source: Göteborgsposten, Sydsvenskan

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  • garydunn

    Well i for one am hoping it is held in stockholm. im already hunting down hotels in the city for next year as we already know the dates. but they really need to get this venue situation confirmed as soon as possible so i can actually confirm my plans. This will hopefully be my first contest i get to go to and i know a few friends will likly be going aswell. i think the contest in sweden will have no problem about attracting crowds tho.

  • Aviva K

    Melodifetivalen and Eurovision in the same year?!?!? I couldn’t dream a better dream if I tried. They have to choose the best arena and since the Swedes, eat, breathe and sleep music (as well as MF and ESC), the new Arena would be perfect and would sell out for sure.

  • andre _

    it is not that important the venue, but that the event will take place in a free country. all the best loreen and sweden

  • andre _

    the swedes deserved to get it and good that originality was chosen this year. This was the winner from the beginning and I think the only challenger to Loreen, would be, if chosen, the San Remo winning song, Non è l’inferno by Emma Marrone for Italy. Strong song with message, sang entirely in italian . I am sure the Swedes will host esc very well, in whatever city the choose, although Stockholm would be ideal

  • Karl P.

    I hope that the Swedes will make an amazing show next year. I know from analysis that Scandinavians (and the Irish) are experts at hosting Eurovision.

  • AvatArmenia 85

    p.s. Wherever ESC will be held! I don’t doupt that Sweden will orgnize great Swedenovision show! Fuh Sorry wanted to say Eurovision show!

  • AvatArmenia 85

    Yea guys! These years of Crisis only rich countries who may afford atleats 15,000,000 USD for ESC use to and will win ESC! I guess only in 2007 nothing was fixed in advance! Russia/ viva oil, gaz and other minerals/ – Norway / Quite good social ratios and economy / – Germany /Strongest economy/ – Azerbaijan / viva oil, gaz and propaganda fund/ ! And I don’t claim that above mentioned ones were awful entries! no! they weren’t! I just noticed that Cameraman worked much harder during Loreen’s performance, also Sweden started quite nice construction! Sweden did it just in time unlike Azerbaijan which made EBU to waste some nerves during the construction of the Crystal hall! Who is next UK?? France?? Well as we found out Pastora absentmindedly announced that Spain is not ready still! Kill me, I just don’t belive that Macedonia, Georgia or Armenia will do it! Do You??

  • Daniel S

    I’m sure wherever they choose, it will be a professionally organized and excellent production. just don’t have that Swedish votes announcer from this year anywhere near it, she was awful. I thought Baku did a great job of hosting, the arena looked amazing.

    • Neil Fulcher

      I thought Sarah Dawn Finer was brilliant, she was one of this year’s MF hosts she’s a Swedish singer and actor. One of her parents is an anglophone hence the name. She did it in character, an Australiain who watches ESC but doesn’t really understand it and can’t pronouce any of the names. Very funny but perhaps a bit much for some.

  • Martin McGuinness

    Gothenberg might be an interesting choice. At least it’s somewhere different.

  • Matt Noonan

    I want the show to be in Stockholm in the Friends ‘Swedbank’ Arena. It is the perfect venue and it’ll be sold out! So happy that Sweden won, so well deserved!

  • » San â

    ‘Friends Arena’ doesn’t sound as appealing as ‘Crystal Hall’ but I don’t care where it’s held as long as they’ll pull off a decent show :).

  • dimitris calling

    I would opt for the “Friends Arena” in Stockholm.The other look rather small.

  • Dragan M

    I hope Swedes will take Eurovision to the next level, as they did with Melodifestivalen, hence it would be great if one Semi-Final was held in Göteborg, another in Malmö and the Grand-Final in Stockholm!!! Everybody will be happy and it will give the best three shows Eurovision has seen!! :)

    • Karl P.

      No… that method is a Melodifestivalen novelty. Eurovision is a very different event.

  • Ben Gray

    By the way has anybody figured out how to edit a profile and upload an avatar on this WordPress system yet? When I click my name, it says I don’t have permission to access the page.

  • Ben Gray

    I hope that next year’s Eurovision will not be like Oslo’s, (sterile.) I hope it will be full of character, warmth and Sweden’s awesome sense of humour. Baku seemed so small and “off” compared to Dusseldorf, even though they did a good job technically.

  • Neil Fulcher

    Getting tickets may be a problem. Melodifestivalen sells out every year to what must be a largely domestic audience. A friend of mine who lives in Stockholm says that the streets of Sweden and Stockholm in particular are always very quiet that night.

  • Oliver L

    But it is a fact that the crowd was the quietest in the new eurovision history…

    it has nothing to do with friendly or not friendly people in baku

  • Owen Williams

    Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm!!! Can’t wait to go!!!

  • Neil Fulcher

    Given that The Friends Arena outside of Stockholm is already confirmed for the MF final next year it’s difficult to see how Sweden can book the ESC into a smaller arena. The Swedes are all hardcore ESC fans and people will travel from all over Europe to Sweden. Next year is going to be a big one.
    If there is a problem with the ice hockey, SVT can always book the O2 here in London and contract the whole thing out to the BBC!

    • Espabila 2012


  • just me and my guitar…

    Stockholm and the newly constructed stadium sounds like the obvious choice to me..

  • Stockholm2013

    I would be so disappointed at SVT if they didn’t choose Friends Arena for the ESC 2013. If not Stockholm then Gothenburg would be nice – just not Malmö.

  • andre _

    i hope it will be in stockholm. please sweden

  • Candyman 12 points

    Azeris were so quiet, the worst crowd since 2005.

    Stockholm should host the show because of the huge arena. The semifinals and the final will be sold out.

  • jologe

    I’d rather Stockholm!! More people on the arena, more fun!! ^^
    And I’m glad to know Sweden will host the next ESC, you always make wonderful shows for the Melodifestivalen. I follow you from Spain!! You’re the best :D

  • jologe

    I prefer Stockholm!! More people on the arena, more fun!! ^^
    And I’m glad to know Sweden will host the next ESC, you always make wonderful shows for the Melodifestivalen. I follow you from Spain!! You’re the best :D

  • swimarts

    I’m living in Copenhagen, so malmo would be the easiest access to EsC 2013 for me. With that said, I cross my fingers for Stockholm and Friends Arena, that would be a magnificent show!

  • Eurovisionary

    If they want big crowds, it’s one choice. The question is whether 67,500 could be attracted – esp for the semis?

    • Helena Travarizou

      I hope they will take the biggest one as many european fans would lover to assist live overthere after not being very welcome this year in Baku.

      • banana b.

        what r u talking about? everybody who was in baku had great time and people agree on one thing: Azeri people are incredibly polite and nice to us people were all welcomed , i was there too , check wherever you want and u will see everybody is quite happy with Azeri hospitality and there wasn’t something like don’t film the audience , what a bunch of lie it is, i don’t like somethings in exsoviets but it is also very sick that some people say lies just to underrate these parts like other parts of europe is perfect !

        • 12 points

          True! i think east is better than west in this case, my friends who were also in Baku for esc told they had great time and people were incredibly nice,polite and friendly that is why i am planning to have a caucasian trip this summer.

        • Love_ESC

          Hmmm…maybe bacuse they dont like people who is gay in Azerbajan and its not a democratic personal opinion is that Azerbajan should not been able to have the ESC. Yes, the people may be frindley, but not the goverment. Gay people was not welcome to Azerbajan this year.

          • 12 points

            All my friends in Baku were gays, so what u say is totally untrue .

          • Helena Travarizou

            Yes seems some people dont know some gays where enclosed in there hotel last week, by the way the real Aerbaijan you can see in this documentary :

          • banana b.

            I am gay and i was in Baku, i even walked hand to hand with my boy friend, and i can’t do it in many european countries, stop saying lies, i don’t have any relations with Azerbaijan but i won’t allow people to say lies ,we had very nice time in Baku but some people mainly enemies of Azerbaijan say lies whatever you say organization was great, everything was on time , there was no technical problem, baku is a very beautiful city , people r very nice and kind they even gave some gifts that never happened in another country i have been to all esc contests since 2003,, i would like to visit it again about governments ex soviets have a problem about it but that must mean we must punish their nations!

          • banana b.

            Helena what u say is pure lie, all tourists in azerbaijan were almost gays and we had zero problem, In armenia last week they burnt a gay friendly bar so what? we mustn’t go there if they win the contest ? how silly !what are you talking about helena really, i was in cyprus for holidays and i had many problems cause of being a gay there and what do u think about it!

        • dave hayes

          Got to disagree here. Most people on our flight out were glad to be leaving. I didn’t find the locals particularly friendly. Probably the worst Eurovision ive been to, mainly thanks to its use by the Azeri’s as a political propaganda exercise.

          Most people seemed genuinely relieved that Sweden had won…

      • we are back

        I don’t think you say the truth Helena, in all sites it writes people of Azerbaijan were very friendly and hospitable , gays didn’t have problems and do you think gays have problem just in some countries? All europe has this problem including even netherlands, i was in greece in 2006 and there were protests against gays too , same for moscow , i am from hungary and it is hard to be gay here, i am straight but i have gay friends they hide it, they don’t say it to their friends and in public they behave like they are straight, this is a problem of all countries not only some, and please don’t make provocations or hateful comments, i think some users are fake here and they come to make people to fight, i want to see a friendly site, we are a big family here and haters mustn’t be inside us.

        • Helena Travarizou

          Ok lets stop this discussion, anyway Baku 2012 is finished, up now to Sweden 2013, ESC back to a democatric and human rights friendly country. Välkomma till Sverige.

      • we are back

        Nice helena please stop provocating and spreading hate and there can be anything in everywhere , coz some silly people burnt a bar cos of gays in armenia doesn’t mean all armenians think like that or a ill racist killed people in norway doesnt mean they don’t have human rights or they r all racist , many bad things happen in my country too but it doesnt mean all hungarians r bad people , and we must show the tolerance and love in this site we all have one thing in common and it is our love to music so enjoy it.

        • Helena Travarizou

          Please note it was never my intention to hurt the Azeri population, cause I know they suffer repression too. I had just a problem wit Azeri gouverment showing only the beautifull face of their country during ESC while the realtity is different. I am aware that same situations exsists in many countries. Thats why we all have to stand up together and using our love for Eurovision to spread peace and freedom of speach. Lets look forward now to 2013.

  • Night Editor

    Wherever it’s staged, the audience has to be more lively than the one on Saturday night. It was surely the quietest Eurovision crowd of the modern age.

    • Helena Travarizou

      Its because of a decission of the Azeri’s they didn’t want that the public was filmed to much in order to avoid people in public using that opportunaty to make political statements against the Azeri gouverment

    • dave hayes

      That’s so true. Down by the stage we were all cheering and clapping but the seats around the side of the arena were quite quiet. Very few flags and not much clapping.