German and Finnish jury voting revealed

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German and Finnish jury voting revealed

While the Eurofan community is eagerly anticipating the release of the combined jury vote scoreboard from two broadcasters have already proceeded in publishing the names of the experts comprising their own juries as well as the points they awarded per country.

Finnish YLE was first just a few days after the Grand Final of the 2102 Eurovision Song Contest followed today by the German broadcaster. Finnish jury: Anne Hautala (presenter, journalist), Christina Wheeler (musician), Freeman (musician), Maki Kolehhmainen (producer, musician), Leri Leskinen (producer, musician)

Grand Final

Jury voting Combined result
Sweden 12 pts Sweden 12 pts
Estonia 10 pts Estonia 10 pts
Denmark 8 pts Russia 8 pts
Spain 7 pts Iceland 7 pts
Russia 6 pts Albania 6 pts
Iceland 5 pts Denmark 5 pts
France 4 pts Ireland 4 pts
Germany 3 pts Spain 3 pts
Albania 2 pts Serbia 2 pts
Norway 1 pt Germany 1 pt

German jury comprised of Anke Engelke, Tim Bendzko, Ben (singer, presenter), Miezekatz (singer MIA) and Sabine Henry. This is how they voted in the second semi-final and the final:

Grand Final
Jury voting Combined result
Sweden 12 pts Sweden 12 pts
Estonia 10 pts Serbia 10 pts
Iceland 8 pts Turkey 8 pts
Denmark 7 pts Russia 7 pts
Albania 6 pts Albania 6 pts
Serbia 5 pts Denmark 5 pts
Bosnia-Herzegovina 4pts Estonia 4 pts
Spain 3 pts Iceland 3 pts
Italy 2 pts Italy 2 pts
Ireland 1 pt Greece 1 pt

Second semi-final

Jury voting Combined result
Sweden 12 pts Sweden 12 pts
Estonia 10 pts Serbia 10 pts
Slovenia 8 pts Netherlands 8 pts
Serbia 7 pts Estonia 7 pts
Netherlands 6 pts Turkey 6 pts
Bosnia-Herzegovina 5 pts Bosnia-Herzegovina 5 pts
Slovakia 4 pts Slovenia 4 pts
Croatia 3 pts Portugal 3 pts
Malta 2 pt Bulgaria 2 pt
Portugal 1 pt Croatia 1 pt

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Stella Floras

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  • dimitris calling

    I think you are wrong.Juries do influence the final result a lot.Plus,you don’t know that Russia won the televoting.We are waiting for EBU to publish the split results.I also disagree that every song from this year’s top-5 can be a chart topping hit.And why should they?I mean,it’s good to be a chart hit but i wouldn’t vote for a song based only on that.

    • Denis Bogachev

      aha, do you say that Greece and Cyprus juries influenced to results a lot?:)
      I don’t know, but I think that there’s true. In any case we will see it soon and I will write you again:)
      top-5 is just good songs. Much promotion, paid rotation on TV and radio and in 2 weeks 1st place. Of course, Loreen didn’t pay for rotation, but if babushki won, they would be at the first place also. Do you see that public in Baku stayed only with Russia and Sweden? It’s just advertisement and everything be ok:) see lady gaga and remember about her voice:)

      • dimitris calling

        No!I’m sure Russia 12 would never reach 3rd place in the UK charts or number 1 in 23 countries.Not even Rybak had such success.Cyprus 12 reaching a rather poor 16th place is a bigger hit in many countries than Russia.The fact that Italy 11 finished 2nd last year while it was only 11th with the televoting proves that juries play an important role.

        • Denis Bogachev

          Dimitris, I don’t want to say that Euphoria bad song – it’s the best song of this contest. I agree with results. But I’m almost sure that people voted for Russia. Let’s just wait split results.
          About chart: we are remember ESC 2003 when tatu represented Russia. Every country gave at least 1 point to Russia except for UK and Ireland. Also we remember that in Jan of 2003 tatu had 1st place in UK chart. On mid-May 2003 was released Not gonna get us in UK. It got only 7th place in chart, but nevertheless tatu were very popular in UK and Ireland and these countries gave 0 points to Russia.
          In UK we have tevote, in Ireland juries. Don’t you think that it’s strange?
          Here we had situation that juries correct total result in their own view.
          Unfortunately, I can think that juries can be corrupted. I don’t know it, but if juries are so easy to change result, so they can do it for money.
          Again, I agree with win of Sweden(meet next year there), but I think that voting system should be changed to do this more representative across the all participation countries.

  • Aviva K

    Juries and the public vote politically, but some juries can see beyond their neighbours and vote for a well-composed song. Note I said well-composed….not necessarily popular. Of course it all depends on who the jury members are and whether there are clear guidelines on who is to be included on the jury.

    • Denis Bogachev

      Maybe you are right. But every year we see that Cyprus votes for Greece and vice versa despite song of each country. Although their performances good usually. So, juries don’t influence to results effectively. We don’t know how each country selects their juries members unfortunately. I think that ESC should think about other, very clear and honest voting system.

  • Denis Bogachev

    According to document in Germany about 200,000 people of Russian diaspora. It’s about 0.25%(200,000/82,000,000*100). So, do you really thing that 0,25% of Germany people could vote with 7 points? Juries gave nothing.
    I don’t tell, that 50/50 system bad, but I tell that Russia won by people choice. Let’s wait for full statistic after audit and will return to this question:)
    In any case I’m glad that Russia took 2nd place – it’s good for babushki, because they are old and fame on ESC in Baku is enough for them. They earned money for church which wanted and now they are live as lived before contest.
    And don’t tell that Russia bought everything – oil is cheap now:)

    • Marcus Faber

      In this statistics the so called “Russian-Germans” are missing completely!

      • Denis Bogachev

        Haha:) Say that in Germany 50% of Russian-Germans people, which gave 7 points in total:))))))))) lol:)

  • Tommi Aus

    I like the split vote ! 50% national televote and 50% jury.. It seems about as fair as you can get ! I don’t understand how the Babushki came 2nd . They were nice , but Eurovision is a contemporary pop contest !

  • george axeman…ΤÎ

    I’m sorry but how are you sure that Russia won in televoting? Probaby the points spread will be smaller there, but i think that Sweden won in televoting too.

  • Denis Bogachev

    I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. is ESC for people or for juries?
    Everybody should understand that any song of TOP-5 can be chart topping hit. Of course, Euphoria is very-very good song, but people chose Russia as winner, but in fact winner is Sweden, because of juries. And I don’t believe that neigbouring and diaspora allowed it to be first. In official results beautiful Loreen won, but Europe chose Russia as winner:)

  • Eurovisionary

    It just shows the value of juries that “artistic” songs get some reward.

  • F H

    As expected: Televoting (neigbouring, diaspora and hormonal teenagers burning their mobile phones) spoiled Spain’s party

  • F H

    As expected: Televoting (neigbouring and diaspora) spoiled Spain’s party

  • george axeman…ΤÎ

    So let’s guess how did the televoting of Finland and Germany vote
    12 Sweden
    10 Estonia or Russia
    8 Estonia or Russia
    7 Ireland
    6 Albania
    5 Iceland or Serbia
    4 Iceland or Serbia
    3 ????
    2 ????
    1 Germany

    12 Turkey
    10 Russia
    8 Serbia
    7 Sweden
    6 Greece
    5 Italy
    4 Albania
    3 Denmark
    2 ????
    1 ????

  • prokophs

    1 point iceland
    2 still a question :)

  • prokophs

    with a simple calculation i think i guessed german televote result of final :)
    turkey 12points
    russia 10points
    serbia 8points
    greece 7points
    italy 6points
    sweden 5points
    albania 4points
    denmark 3points
    2 and 1 point could have gone anywhere :) just a guess

  • Dominique APERT

    Sorry, I don’t understand. It’s impossible to reconcile the public votes with the jury vote and the final result. No combination possible. Do you find that OK ?

  • Pete nostalgic

    Very interesting…it seems like in Germany, Serbia won the televote, followed by Turkey…very interesting as it seems Sweden got more votes from the juries than from the public…let’s wait for the other results…

    • dimitris calling

      How is that interesting?Turkey most probably won the televote in Germany!Like that was unpredictable!

      • Pete nostalgic

        It’s interesting because it confirms the feeling that I had before the contest: Sweden probably didn’t win the televote or did it by a very short margin…so the jury was crucial…

  • Manuel Serrano

    The true winner and moral winner was SPAIN. So…shut up!

  • James Murphy

    Glad to see the juries voting for the very classy Estonian song, which IMO was simply beautiful. Though 6 points to Russia from the Finnish jury? Either you want to keep them sweet or you need new jurors Suomi! Otherwise good voting

  • Crest

    EBU is not releasing the results in full as it shows the true winner was RUSSIA!!!

  • dimitris calling

    Finnish votes: 6 pts to Russia and 4 to France?Anyway…Serbia got at least 3 points from the televote.Since,Spain received 7 pts from the jury,and 3 pts in the combined results,then Ireland should recieve at least 7(!)pts from the Finnish televoting.What were they thinking???Albania with 2 pts from the juries and 6 pts overall,must have been high with the televoting.Iceland received 4 or 5 pts from the televoting for sure.
    I really like the way the German jury voted,apart from their 1 pt to Ireland.Turkey Turkey must have won the German televoting.Greece received 6 or 7 pts.Denmark got 3 or 4 pts from the German televote.Albania 5 or 6.Russia 10 i suppose!
    Byt he way,the Portuguese votes have been published as well.If Russia won the televoting instead of Sweden,then it is a disgrace for the televoters considering the fact that “Euphoria” is a clear winner and a chart topping hit in many countries!

  • banana b.

    and 6 points to russia from juries?????????????? really this must be a joke!

  • banana b.

    juries are big jokessssss portuguese jury gave 5 points to georgia i am speechlesssss!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keith Timmons

    4 points to Slovakia from a jury. How about that..

  • Denis Bogachev

    Haha:) Seems Russia won by televoting:) But I’m glad that only 2nd place as babushki are rather old for Europe Tour.