Norway: first MGP heat in Steinkjer in January

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Norway: first MGP heat in Steinkjer in January

The first host city for the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix 2013 tour has been announced as Steinkjer. The first heat to select the Norwegian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden will take place on 19th January 2013.


This is the first time the MGP is organised in the county of Nord-Trøndelag, middle of Norway. The venue will be the indoor athletics arena called Campus Steinkjer. 3000 spectators will be expected to take part of the heat.

Dag Hvaring from Eyeworks Dinamo, deputy mayor May Britt Lagesen and media manager Jostein Grande reveal the first heat in MGP 2013. Photo: Sigrun Hofstad / NRK


Norway became last in the Eurovision final in Baku for the 11th time with Stay, sung by Tooji.

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  • Euro FRANK

    I don’t think we can say a song is ” good” or “bad” it’s really a matter of taste. I really liked Norway this year…. others didn’t. Fair enough. Perhaps it was too similar to other songs such as popular and Euphoria seemed quite different within the context of eurovision

  • Knut Viking

    I did think Tooji would do better. But I dont think the result was that unfair… Obviously the song was not what Europe wanted. And, even though better that last year, for the second time in a row Norway sent a mediocre singer to the contest. I really hope Norway will be back in 2013 with a great voice!! In my opinion this years top 10 in Baku had 9 great/good voices. Spain, (Russia obviously ended in top 10 for other than vocal reasons).

  • This is my opinion

    I believe tooji got position he deserved, I thought he could be syccessfull as eric saade but I was wrong the song was nothing special just flashy dance routine and attention seeker, the truth it was similar image to erc saade but at least eric saade tried to convince for the 3rd position wheras tooji only got last position, if he stayed in semifinal would have been better than being seen at the bottom of scoreboard in final anyway its not the end of the world tooji is very young good luck

  • tim tim

    I am sad about Tooji, i think we deserved a better position.

  • Cop20

    Song wasn’t good. It was pure crap. So cheap, it just couldn’t get worse. Thank you Europe for not allowing Norway getting better placing. Next year they will send something with quality and help Eurovision get better reputation.

  • Zingo Star

    Tooji deserved a better placing in 2012.. on the other hand he actually qualified for the final..its better then in 2011… and all acts in the final are winners.

    perhaps it was something about the song and the performance that was a bt forgettable. Because he had a good startnumber and the song in my opinion is good but im from sweden the neighbours (who won) I might be biased to that kind of clean pop music….

    any other ideas to why tooji came 25th?