Split jury and televoting results announced

Baku 2012 18 Jun 2012
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Split jury and televoting results announced

The European Broadcasting Union has just revealed the split jury and televoting results from the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. Both the viewers and the jurors agreed on the winning country Sweden and its entry Euphoria by Loreen.


1 to 8, 10 and 12 points were given by juries and televoters in each country, then combined, and the combined top 10 would determine the actual vote given by that respective country, whereas jury and televoting counted for 50% each.

After all results have been checked and verified by the EBU and PwC audit company, the split results by jury and televoting have been revealed.


Country Combined Televote Jury vote
Place Points Place Points Place Points
Sweden 1 372 1 343 1 296
Russia 2 259 2 332 11 94
Serbia 3 214 3 211 2 173
Azerbaijan 4 150 5 151 8 118
Albania 5 146 8 106 3 157
Estonia 6 120 12 78 6 152
Turkey 7 112 4 176 22 50
Germany 8 110 6 125 10 98
Italy 9 101 17 56 4 157
Spain 10 97 18 45 5 154
Moldova 11 81 13 75 9 104
FYR Macedonia 12 71 11 79 17 69
Romania 13 71 7 117 20 53
Lithuania 14 70 14 68 14 82
Cyprus 15 65 15 63 12 85
Ukraine 16 65 20 37 7 125
Greece 17 64 9 89 18 60
Bosnia & Herzegovina 18 55 16 57 15 71
Iceland 19 46 19 39 19 53
Ireland 20 46 10 89 25 14
Malta 21 41 25 10 16 70
Denmark 22 21 23 18 21 51
France 23 21 26 0 13 85
Hungary 24 19 22 20 23 30
United Kingdom 25 12 21 36 26 11
Norway 26 7 24 16 24 24

The voters at home and the 42 professional juries agreed on the winner Loreen (Sweden) but considerably less on the next placings.

One of the biggest differences was between the placing of Russia – their entry placed second with the televoters but 11th in the eyes of the professional juries. All in all, the juries and the televoters agreed on 5 of the top 10 songs.

It is also worth mentioning that France got 0 points from the viewers at home and the United Kingdom came last in the jury vote. Italy and Spain made the top five if we take into consideration the jury vote alone.

As for the semifinals, the juries and the televoters both counted for 50% of the total outcome.


Country Combined Televote Jury vote
Place Points Place Points Place Points
Russia 1 152 1 189 8 75
Albania 2 146 3 131 1 131
Romania 3 120 2 132 5 87
Greece 4 116 5 110 3 103
Moldova 5 100 7 85 2 107
Ireland 6 92 4 116 10 72
Cyprus 7 91 6 99 4 90
Iceland 8 75 8 79 11 70
Denmark 9 63 9 53 6 81
Hungary 10 52 11 39 7 76
Switzerland 11 45 10 49 13 45
Finland 12 41 12 36 12 57
Israel 13 33 16 16 9 72
San Marino 14 31 13 25 14 42
Montenegro 15 20 14 24 16 28
Latvia 16 17 15 18 18 17
Belgium 17 16 18 2 15 38
Austria 18 8 17 15 17 27

Note: Countries in bold qualified for the Final.

In the first semifinal, the clear winner of the televoting was Russia, while Albania received top points from the juries. Out of the ten qualifiers, the juries and the viewers agreed on 8.



Country Combined Televote Jury vote
Place Points Place Points Place Points
Sweden 1 181 1 180 1 145
Serbia 2 159 2 148 2 141
Lithuania 3 104 3 128 10 55
Estonia 4 100 5 88 4 102
Turkey 5 80 4 114 13 42
Bosnia & Herzegovina 6 77 7 70 6 77
Malta 7 70 11 39 5 97
Ukraine 8 64 17 24 3 109
F.Y.R. Macedonia 9 53 8 63 9 58
Bulgaria 11 45 9 59 17 27
Norway 10 45 6 72 18 25
Croatia 12 42 14 34 7 66
Portugal 13 39 13 37 12 49
Georgia 14 36 18 15 8 62
Belarus 16 35 12 37 11 52
The Netherlands 15 35 10 51 16 31
Slovenia 17 31 16 27 14 40
Slovakia 18 22 15 32 15 40

Note: Countries in bold qualified for the Final.

As for the second semifinal, the televoters and the juries agreed on the eventual winner of this year’s contest, Sweden’s entry by Loreen. Sweden had a clear lead in the televoting, while they just narrowly beat Serbia in the jury vote. Both parties agreed on 6 of the 10 qualifiers while two were put through to the Final thanks to the juries, and two were saved thanks to the televoters.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 preliminary dates are May 14th, 16th and 18th.


Source: eurovision.tv
Picture: eurovision.tv

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Victor Hondal

  • we are back

    i agree with televoters and not juries , it is also a disgrace that juries didn’t vote for a legend like engelbert and his song was better than many others, i think juries aren’t fair and they don’t care about if someone has a good voice and if she can sing or not.it is very interesting that georgia, russia, moldova, ukraine , malta!! are so high in jury votes …and last year they voted for jedward with a childish song ,this year with a more quality song they didn’t vote for them. i liked televotings top 10 but not juries top 10 .

  • Ola Erlandsson

    Thank heaven for the juries, I´d say! Turkey on 4th, Russia that close to victory and Spain and Italy that far back in the list would have been a disgrace!
    I totally agree that the juries must have been drunk, high och both when voting for Georgia, but overall they did a great job and should certainly stay in future Eurovision editions.

  • SR Jensen

    missed out one word:
    “Juries are supposed to make up for this and balance the final result: they should FOCUS on the songwriting with say 75%,….:”

  • tim tim

    this is sick juries dont votefor singers or voice they voted for joke entries like russia georgia and scary sngers like ivi

  • SR Jensen

    Tastes differ, some think Turkey should have done better – personally I think they should have done a lot worse – others think Spain or Italy deserved better placings.

    Televoting will always be dominated by “easy impressions”: good gimmicks, confident performances, catchy songs, clever choreography, sexy outifts – along of course with diaspora-, neighbour- and political voting.
    Juries are supposed to make up for this and balance the final result: they should on the songwriting with say 75%, the vocal performance with 20% and then maybe 5% for the overall impression. And of course they should be perfectly neutral.
    But clearly the juries are not always judging this way. Otherwise I can’t understand the high scores for say Ukraine, Malta or Georgia.

    Maybe the juries should only vote by audio – meaning they should not watch the dress rehearsal, but only listen to the music.
    Maybe EBU should set up some guidelines for the jurors, maybe they should approve all jurymembers.

    But I would also support the idea that every country should give points to ALL participating songs, not just give points from 1-12. Since only the top 3 points are announced anyway, this shouldn’t delay the voting very much.
    This would show us more about which songs are close to top 10 and which are in the bottom. Today you can be so unfortunate as to be placed 11th in every single countrys voting, and yet end up with 0 points. On the other hand, if just 1 or 2 countries have you in top 10, you will get more points (like in the inevidable 12 pts from Cyprus to Greece), even if all other countries have you in last place in their voting.

    This problem with the present voting system can have a huge influence especially on the semifinals and who passes through to the final.

    Of course this could lead to “negative voting”, where you always give last place to your “enemies” (Armenia/Azerbaijan, Cyprus/Turkey etc.), but I don’t think this would have as big an impact on the total score as “positive voting” has today.

  • Eurovisionary

    How about only one vote per song per phone? That means you can vote for any number of songs you like, except you can only vote for them once. If you just say 20 votes total (as current) or 3 votes total, bloc voters will just give all their 20 votes to one country and not for for any other.

  • Mr T

    Once again the 50/50 system has proven its usefulness.

    100% televoting would have been horrible. (Turkey in top five once again, Russia too close to winning the contest, Italy and Spain underrated.) But 100% juries would have had some downsides too. (Georgia qualifying for instance.)

    Two more changes to the 50/50 system could erase some more annoying elements though:
    – Only three votes per phone. (This could limit the diaspora vote in my opinion.)
    – 10 jury members in each country. (Personal taste of one member wouldn’t affect a country’s voting so much.)

    • F H

      Only three votes per phone would be the fair option to make sense with televoting. But where would be the business then? EBU just pays attention to $$$, no to the influence of neighbouring, diaspora or scams. And there is another fact, people who burn the mobile phone when voting is a very accurate target (16-21 years old). It doesn`t represent the general taste of a country but the hormonal taste for easy beats and simple songs. Quality voices, best performances, nice instruments,… are blurred by computerised samples and prerrecorded voices. It should ve forbbiden appearing on stage acting as if they were playing instruments that are not being played. For instance, I wonder myself (being generous, I know they didn’t) if Alexander Rybak and Greta Salome played the violin or they simulated that.

  • The Ultimate ESC FAN

    People, it seems some of you have math problems. Remember that this is the AVERAGE.. you might have a country that have received 12 points for 3 but zero from 10. That’s not the same as receiving points from 36 countries let’s say. THE AVERAGE WILL BE THE SAME FOR BOTH! Another thing, NOT all the countries voted in both semis so that is another sign that a song that might have been at number 3 in the semi, can become at number 18 in the final night (remember, average from 21 countries can change EASILY when you add another 21 (i.e. final night).

  • Martin Maillot

    Anggun’s last place with 0 points from the public shows that it is useless to sing in English (for France at least).

  • This is my opinion

    this is great, thank you so much esctoday, this is what I wanted to see, now we know what we can expect next year e.g. what would be close to jury taste and what would be close to televoters taste, its good that we have jury involved because the songs that are presented in non english language televoters woon’t understand, so we need jury to take into account the lyrics, since there is similarity between televoting and jury as they there is not so much difference I think its fair that the combined voteing of jury and televoting makes scoreboard result, I have always agreed with the esc result regardless if my predictions were different, this year almost all of my favourites got the top 10 position excpet turkey and albania, didn’t see them going for top 10 at all, but they deserve it in the end, looking forward to next year eurovision, I am sure sweden will do fantastic job, good luck ;)

  • JKF Irish

    Three things to say.

    How is the actual calculation of combined result made as some of these results don’t make sense?

    I agree with the 50:50 split because it keeps blatnat populist tunes and overt block voting in check, with a system that still includes the fun of participation in the voting and the seriousness of professional opinon.

    And last but never least why is everyone ignoring that two countries in the bottom four of the final were given direct entry to the final. Obviously these songs would not have gotten out of a semi final and so didn’t deserve to be in the final. This is a travesty for Bulgaria and Switzerland. We don’t need the big 5 to have an ESC, it would be diferent but it would still exist. Surely honest competition is centrally important in all this. As usual though this will probably be ignored. I’m begining to think there is a ban on discussing this?

    Anyway I genuinely would like to know how the combined result is calculated.

    • Eurovisionary

      Very simple. Jury votes based on 12, 10, 8->1 etc. So does televote. Results are added – eg:
      Jur – Est 12, Spa 10, Lat 8, Spa 7
      Tel – Lat 12, Rus 10, Est 8, Tur 7
      Tot – Est 20, Lat 20, Rus 10, Spa 7, Tur 7

      Top 10 of the Total vote get standard ESC points: 12, 10, 8->1

      In event of a tie, televote gets priority. Assume Est & Spa had more televote than Lat & Tur
      Final Result – Est 12, Lat 10, Rus 8, Spa 7, Tur 6

  • george axeman…ΤÎ

    To the ones who say that televoting doesn’t support west countries and underesimate good song, 1)Switzerland and Netherlands would qualify with 100% televoting 2) Ukraine and Moldova were in juries’ top10 3) Georgia would qualify with 100% juries, and Iceland wouldn’t (for god’s shake!!!)
    Also i can’t understand what’s wrong with juries and Greece, juries ranked Greece 3rd in semifinal (higher than televoting) and 18th in final, why such a big change?
    On the other hand there are also things that i didn’t like in televoting and thankfully juries fixed some of them. For example Italy was very underestimated by televoting and Ireland very overestimated, also France didn’t deserve 0.
    Spain took finally the place that deserved, neither so high as in juries nor as low as in televoting, same for Romania.
    Germany and Azerbaijan were overestimated in both televoting and juries, and Iceland was criminally underestimated in both of them.
    At least there is no doupt that Sweden was the best by far.

  • Mario Gjorgjiev

    Honestly the italian song is a good one, but the performance was tedious, she deserved the 17th place, spain was boring too, nothing new, a song that will be forgotten 5 days after the show, so they deserved the 18th place, the juries don’t vote for songs that will become hits all around europe, plus i’m sure that many of the juries gave their points for their neighbors, why? because of the whole “you give me your points, we will give you our points” system, even the diaspora isn’t as strong as that system. Ukraine and Georgia were that high with the juries just because they all agreed in exchanging points!!! THE SHOW WILL BECOME MORE AND MORE CORRUPTED IF YOU DON’T STOP THE JURIES!!! PLEASE NO MORE JURIES!!!

  • Karl P.

    What happened to my analysis for the jury vote of the final? It just disappeared (I hope ESCToday will transfer to a separate website – I don’t like the format provided by WordPress). O_O

    >What I like about the jury vote:
    3rd: Albania/4th: Italy/5th: Spain (THIS)/6th: Estonia. As always, THANK YOU JURIES!!!

    But why on earth would they give high marks to Moldova (9th) and Ukraine (7th)? I thought that’s the televoter’s job.

    Oh, I forgot to add something to my analysis of the televoting results for the Final. As always, Jedward get top maks from the televoters (10th). Stupid Bieber-obssessed teenage girls…

  • Karl P.

    My analysis (Based on my favorites):
    It’s odd that Finland got the same place for both the televoters and the juries (12th). I agree with the juries that Israel should have gotten a place in the final.
    This time it’s the reverse. I agree with the televoters that Bulgaria and the Netherlands should have gotten to the final.
    >What I like about the jury vote:
    3rd: Albania/4th: Italy/5th: Spain (What I like about the televoting results:
    4th: Turkey/9th: Greece/20th: Ukraine (The song was tacky as heck)

    This is the first time I’m going to say this, I think. Thank you Turkish and Greek diaspora. :P

    The rest of the results for televoting are just typical, unfair *bleh*

    I understand why France got no points from the televoters: it’s hard to love it when you first listen to it. But thank you, juries! If it wasn’t for them France would break its no-last-place track record, and the world as we know it will come to an end. :P But why did the juries gave the UK last place? O_o

    I think the 50/50 system has brought back what voting in ESC had before the advent of full televoting – unpredictability. So I’m still in favor of the current system. The only complaint that I have is that the juries should be more diverse (in age, experience, etc.)

  • James Murphy

    The fact that Turkey scored better than Estonia with televoters in both SF2 and the final and that Italy and Spain were placed 17th and 18th by televoters is proof enough for me that we need juries

    • mina c

      Well, for me the fact that Russia placed 11th with juries and Iceland 19th and Uk last, is proof we DON’T need the juries.

      • James Murphy

        To be fair I think we can all have a pretty good guess at what country’s juries voted heavily for Russia to give them their 11th place. Russia (and others) will always do well regardless of the system used or their song, so I don’t agree that Russia’s 11th place with the juries is justification for their demise. I do agree about Iceland, it was a great song IMO but maybe since a duet won last year juries were reluctant to vote for them

  • Eurovisionary

    Again, THANK YOU ESC so much for adding juries. That horrible Russian song would have almost won if not for jury. In any other year, it would have won. Thankfully Sweden had such a strong song. Most of all, the fact juries snubbed a song like Russia sends a CLEAR SIGNAL to countries not to send joke/rubbish entries. We want decent songs from accomplished artists.

    I can’t see how anyone can fault these results. Look at the Top 5 for each…

    Tel: Swe, Rus, Srb, Tur, Aze
    Jur: Swe, Srb, Alb, Ita, Spa
    Tot: Swe, Rus, Srb, Aze, Alb

    Thank you juries for rewarding artistic and quality songs from great artists like Italy and Spain. For the televote, their top 3 finished top 3 anyway. It shows that all juries do is equalise the field to a degree and give certain types a songs a fair chance. For the winner song, it still needs to be good. If it favours too much televote mentality or jury mentality, it will fail.

    One final thank you is to Sweden for sending a song that could beat Russia. Sweden’s been disappointing for many years now, and not only did they find a good song, they actually managed to send it to ESC. Congrats.

  • Molly Parton

    F H

    If you think that’s odd, check out the voting between Lithuania and Georgia over recent years. Hmmmm.

  • Molly Parton

    Hilarious voting all over the place. So it wasn’t the Albanian diaspora who voted for Albania after all. It was the juries. Now that’s what I call hilarious.

  • F H

    Moreover it is proved that Azerbaijan (for instance) has distorted and falsified the televoting buying votes in little countries as Lithuania and Cyprus last years, by sending thousands of mobile messages through companies whose aim is operating by telephone. It is proved that thousands of votes through messages were received in Cyprus in favour of Azerbaijan but nevertheless nobody made a live call for Azerbaijan in Cyprus. Bizarre? It really is.

  • Eagle888

    I really appreciated the jury votes.. last year.. but this year what’s wrong with them!? In the final Russia get the 11 place but Macedonia 17? Kaliopi was outstanding that night … Iceland as well 19 place.. EBU please remove the juries!!!

  • Graham Ridge

    Weird Jury voting but pleased Jury had sense to mark Turkey low. One of the worst songs this year

  • Cop20

    Oh, come on now. You are overreacting with Spain. When they chose song back in March, nobody was pleased enough. It was just another type of song in which only vocal is on focus, but not song it self for being serious contender for some high placing.

    You should thank juries just for voting for vocal, because if they’ve been putting attention to song, then you wouldn’t have such a nice time in Baku while final voting part.

  • F H

    Spain 18th in televoting. Spaniards don’t have anything to add. Just this sh_t of Eastern and exyugo Euroscam “voting for each other” sucks! Chikilicuatre is coming in 2013 to make laugh of this pathetic pantomime. Spain will leave soon. Europe don’t deserve more Spanish professional singers. Shame you.

    • dimitris calling

      Ukraine was second last with televoting in their semi and Georgia failed as well.They were 3rd and 8th respectively with the juries so what you say makes no sense.

    • http://hitparade.ch/mypage/1992er/ CC thanks Europe & Asia â

      Probably they deserve also (or primarily) good SONGS? And with all due respect especially for Pastora Soler’s vocal abilities, Quédate conmigo (Stay with me) was far from brilliant. A good voice is not enough, at least with televoting.

    • Graham Ridge

      I voted for Spain from UK. I had a bet on her to win.

  • le mec écossais

    Also, how is it possible for Azerbaijan to be placed 5th in the televote, 8th in the jury vote and yet finish 4th in the final?! Surely the result should have been somewhere in between the two, not higher?!

    • dimitris calling

      It is possible.They don’t calculate the average of both votes.They just add the jury and televoting pts and then go on to award the 1 to 12 pts.That’s why Greece for example is 9th with televoting and 18th with the juries and ends up 17th overall.

  • le mec écossais

    As I suspected, the juries (i.e. the so called experts) awarded more points to Russia than the UK entry which they shockingly placed last!! I still stand by those who say the UK should withdraw next year!! This contest is a farse!

  • The Phantom

    Thank you for releasing them EBU! Some of these results are really interesting.

    – What on earth did the juries see in that Ukrainian entry? It was tacky beyond belief. To think Gaitana was totally overlooked on the televote but still came through the semi final. I’m really shocked by that.
    – Likewise Norway was last on the jury vote but still made it by placing 6th on televote. Very strange.
    – France NUL POINTS on the televoting. Well deserved I must say. Anggun’s performance was a total mess and with France’s only regular supporter (Armenia) being out this year, it was possible that they could ‘achieve’ this rare feat.
    – Georgia last in semi 2 on televote! Again it’s well deserved. There’s a group of countries that I thought could never finish last on televote. I had included Georgia in that group, but not now of course.
    – UK last on jury vote. Again a bit strange. I thought the televoting would actually be our downfall, not the juries.
    – Jedward top 10 on televoting! Juries screwed ‘Waterline’ completely. Can’t say i’m unhappy about that though.
    – Pleased to see Sweden was the outright winner. Although on 100% televoting it would have been a close run thing. I wonder if it would have been the other way round if Russia had performed 17th and Sweden had gone 6th?
    – The Netherlands would have qualified on televoting. It was my favourite Dutch entry for a long time. Shame to see it miss out.
    – Same goes for Switzerland in semi 1. Juries saved them last year, but let them down in 2012. I would have loved to have seen Sinplus qualify also.
    – And finally, Russia 11th on the jury vote. Seriously, the broadcasters need to get better ‘experts’. No way would a musical expert say that “Party For Everybody” was one of the better songs in the final.

    Overall I prefer the televoting results this year, as I did in 2011 actually. But in 2009 and 2010 I preferred the juries’ scores.

  • dimitris calling

    I still can’t fathom how entries like Ukraine,France and Moldova placed higher than Iceland,Bosnia or Denmark with the juries…

  • Will T

    Yet again the televote is more fair… wtf.

  • Knut Viking

    Like the previous years there are some countries that are very differently judged by the juries and the televoter (over 10 places difference):

    Turkey: 4th with televoters. 22nd with juries. The song was in my top 10 before the live performance. It was not top 10 on the night. I dont agree with neither the televoters nor the juries on this one. I am suprised about the high placing with the televoters. And equally surprised by the low placing with the juries.

    Italy: 17th with televoters, 4th with juries. I loved Ninas performance. But even though Italy was in my top 3, it took me several listening to really enjoy the song. So a very understandable result from both sides, although I tend to agree with the juries on this one (still having fantazies about how the score would have looked like with “Per Sempre”).

    Spain: 18th with televoters, 5th with juries: Average song that is not very “instant” (agreed on by the televoters), but a fantastic vocal performance (agreed on by the juries). Again – a quite understandable result from both side, even though I thought the televoters would have placed it a bit higher. I would have placed it somewhere inbetween – but closer to the juries final placing – for the brilliant performance!

    Romania: 7th with the televoters, 20th with the juries. I am really surprised that they scored that low with the juries. I fully agree with the televoters on this one!

    Ukraine: 20th with the televoters, 7th with the juries. I would have guessed the results to be quite the reverse – with the televoters giving their support to this entry. But when it comes to Ukraine 2012 the televoters did great! And the juries?? 7th?? Can someone explain??

    Ireland: 10th with the televoters, 25th with the juries. Last year the juries gave more support than the televoters to Jedwards. I fully agreed last year – and I certainly agree even more with the juries this year.

    France: 26th and 0 from the televoters, 13th with the juries. I had predicted France to come last out of the big 5, and was expecting a well-deserved bottom 5. Did the juries hear something I didnt? I am surprised they placed France that high. I obviously agree with the televoters on this.

    So all in all I agree with the juries on some entries and with the televoters on other entries. So – I still support the 50/50!

  • mina c

    The fact that the juries placed Russia 11th and the great song/vocals from Germany 10th, says it all for me. Thank God for the televoters, I say. Germany 6th once more proves that no amount of diaspora/neighbours can stop a good song from doing well.

    • F H

      MAYBE YOU HAVEN’T PAYED ATTENTION TO SPAIN’S 18TH PLACE with televoting. Televoting is the sh_t of diaspora and neighbouring. Spanish performance was not only the best in the contest of 2011 but maybe the best in the last decade. And the song was great. Shame you, Europe, and there is a fact, just the kids and crazy teenagers vote till burning their mobiles in favour of ridiculous entries like Ireland-2012. What a sh_t.

    • 12 points

      Well said. %100 tele voting is what i want!

  • » San â

    Wow!! Without the jury France would’ve got 0 points!! O_O.
    I really don’t think Engelbert deserved last place with the jury!! That’s so unfair!! He had such a nice performance he deffo deserved a lot more!!.
    Turkey 22nd with the jury?? That’s BS!! His performance was Excellent!! (Hadise had a terrible performance and scored very well, I don’t get the jury with Turkey :P).
    Ukraine 7th with the jury … I don’t like the jury’s verdict this time round (except they were kind to Kurt and Anri!! ^^).
    Well, I’ll never be satisfied with the results so … we’ll bitch about next year XD.

  • Mario Gjorgjiev

    People, right now it is much easier to cheat than before, because, for example, serbia and macedonia will make a deal (pay money or you give me your vote i will give you mine), so that the juries would give them i don’t know 10 or 12 points, you can’t manipulate with the televoting like that. It is not fair, it makes the show corrupted. Lets see Ukraine this year, usually it is voted from the televoters, but this year they didn’t like the song, so the ex russian countries could have made some sort of deals so that it gets a good place, I think that, that is also how Georgia got so high from the jury votes. NO MORE JURIES !!! WE ARE NOT IDIOTS, WE CAN CHOOSE THE SONG OF EUROPE ON OUR OWN!!!

    • just me and my guitar…

      Televoting is corrupted from its nature anyway, unlike your scenarios which can’t be proved anyway of course…I say be done with televoting (despite some positive steps this year) and let the juries do their work finally ! The televoters have proved that they can’t choose a song because a vast majority barely listens to them before voting (for their neighbours)..

    • F H

      Mo more televoting, it just shows neigbouring, diaspora and ancestral hates. Placing Spain the 18th obviously reflects that fact.

      • http://hitparade.ch/mypage/1992er/ CC thanks Europe & Asia â

        Last year they had Spain 16th (jury: 24th) and in 2010 12th (with over 100 points, jury: 20th). Probably people just did not like the song enough? That is a subjective matter, you do not have to personally agree with their opinion. You also should question if countries like Germany did that much better due to their diaspora/political advantage.

  • Ciaran Donnelly

    Oh my god, Juries thought that UK was the worst song. Please, that’s just not on, I understand the criticisms, but honestly, it wasn;t the worst one there.

    Interesting that Russia was so close to Sweden in the televote. Just like last year, Jury votes diminished the excitement (last year televtore has only 2 points between 1st and 2nd)

    And the juries basically gave Switzerland’s place to Hungary

    Only good thing the jury did was lift Croatia up who I believe should have qualified.

  • just me and my guitar…

    First semifinal : Probably the most dissapointing. Albania’s prevail in the jurie vote is a sad musical fact. Moldova coming 2nd is weird but acceptable. Greece coming 3rd is sad as well, although that is made up in the final. Russia was held back a bit from the jurie vote but the televoting support was overwhelming. Hungary and Denmark scoring well and Iceland scoring 11th with the juries somewhat restore my faith into them and save the situation in the semi. Sad for Switzerland as well. Ireland qualified through both voting systems but televoting did a good thing here for once (same in the final). Overall a marginally positive result for the jurie vote here.

    Second semifinal : Sweden all the way and Serbia the clear 2nd. Turkey got what it deserved in the jurie vote, same with Bulgaria. Bosnia scored better with the jurie vote as well which is great ! Estonia also scored better (well deserved).Joan qualifying with televoting is a surprise (although given the semi final performance I don’t know if its positive or negative). Ukraine is the major surprise both here and in the final, same with Georgia which are the biggest letdowns of the jurie vote here. Slovenia also scored better with the jurie vote which is releaving somehow. I never expected Norway to be a jurie favourite but it deserved better than Bulgaria for instance imo. Overall a positive result here for the jurie vote again.

  • knnth07

    I cannot believe out of all people Juries would rank Ukraine that high! Can’t believe they actually liked that ridiculous song. And UK last?!? But thankfully they voted high for Sweden, Italy and Spain. Jury votes – sometimes you loved them, sometimes you hate them.

  • dimitris calling

    2nd semi: Georgia was 8th with the juries(???) and only failed thanks to the televoters.Ukraine, and Malta were jury favorites while Netherlands was 10th with the televoting(*cough)but was ignored by the juries.Lithuania was 3rd witht the televoting in the second semi.

  • dimitris calling

    Strange results in the 1st semi!Greece was 3rd with the jury,Moldova 2nd and Iceland only 11th????Germany did better with the televote than with the jury!I didn’t expect that.Loreen won botht the votes!A clear and landslide winner!Italy and Spain were boosted(and deservingly) by the jury votes but they were very low with the televoting.Other weird results!Moldova did better with the juries(# 9)than with the televoters…Turkey was 4th with the televoters but 22nd(!)with the juries.Ukraine was ignored by the televoters(# 20) but was one of the jury favorites(# 7!!!)…Ireland was 10th with the televoters but second last with the juries!(Where is JMAMG?lol!)…Romania was a televoting favorite that failed with the juries while FYROM was also quite low with the juries.France received nil pts from the televoters but did ok with the juries…

  • le mec écossais

    How can the juries place the UK 26th?! It certainly wasn’t the worst song.

    • Espabila 2012

      Who knows but I really think it could be the result of the BBC ranting the week before about corruption in Azerbaijan… don’t think went down well… It’s only a feeling! But it feels ‘punishment’…

    • Rodrigo Oliveira

      The juries voted based on the final dress rehearsal the previous day. Engelbert was extremely out of tune and struggled a lot with the higher notes in the rehearsal, but sounded a lot better on the big night. The result doesn’t come as a surprise.

  • Cop20

    Epic moment on Eurovision 2012 – jury wanted Georgia in the final!

    EBU – you should be worried.

  • Miss Disco *Douze Pointe for anyone but B

    Can someone explain how the jury and televote is added together? How do you get from 11 to 2 in the combined vote?

    • http://twitter.com/rio_ben Ben Gray

      Look up a bit. It’s not just the placing. It’s the score.

  • http://twitter.com/rio_ben Ben Gray

    I’m starting to understand now that in ESC, songs are very different when they’re on the radio compared to performed live in a stadium. Some songs are great in big stadiums, (Macedonia,) others are best left on your MP3 player. (Bosnia) It doesn’t make them better or worse songs, it’s just how well suited they are to the environment. (I won’t say suited to Eurovision because that has a different meaning.)

    You can have a great song, but when people watch it on TV, if the vocals aren’t loud and clear, and/or are out of tune, and the staging and camera angles are a bit messy, then it’s gonna be hard to enjoy it. I think that’s why France did so badly with the televoters. Watch the performance back. It looks cool but it SOUNDS like a mess.

    On the other hand, your performance can be perfect, but you’ll do badly because the song just wasn’t up to scratch, (Denmark, Malta…)

    At the end of the day, this is an entertainment show in the form of a competition of music. It won’t always be the biggest and best that wins, it will be the most liked and most enjoyed. Whether that’s a musical masterpiece, a mind-blowing show, or just the novelty of 6 singing grandmothers doesn’t really matter too much. Music and performance are subjective and universal.

  • TurkVision supports TürkçeVizyon!

    I was sure Turkiye was great at final night and we became 4th. Damn it these jury votes! ! Anyway,it is too late for now. I am just hoping to EBU stop jury system.. Everbody’s Cyprus is 15th? funny :D

    • Graham Ridge

      Sorry. One of the worst Turkish songs ever. I had a bet on it NOT to qualify as it was so bad

  • Mario Gjorgjiev

    I love the way that the televoters voted, it would have made the whole show more exciting, sweden and russia fighting for the 1st place, plus I don’t understand how could the juries like the georgian entry more than the macedonian??? PLEASE NO MORE JURIES, PLEEAASEEEEE, THEY MAKE THE SHOW MORE POLITICAL NOT LESS!!!

    • http://twitter.com/rio_ben Ben Gray

      I don’t understand that either, but having juries here isn’t about making the show more or less political, it’s about having someone there to vote on the recorded songs as well as the performances. At least I hope that’s what they’re doing..!! Let’s face it, Kaliopi was awesome on the night, but as a song, Crno i Belo is a bit… meh. Georgia was catchy if nothing else.

    • Espabila 2012

      Completely disagree. In fact, I can confidently say that the juries brought some sense into the contest voting system. Turkey was the perfect example. Shameful performance, loved by migrant vote!

    • F H

      Yes you love the way televoters did, Ireland 10th, russia 2nd and Spain 18th. You have no idea.

    • 12 points

      I agree, jury votes aren’t fair certainly!

  • Eagle888

    People.. I can’t understand one thing.. How could Russia end up 2nd in the final when is 2nd from televoters and 11 from juries.. Serbia is 3 from televote and 2 from jures.. What’s wrong here EBU? How happened this when the points are combined???

    • http://twitter.com/rio_ben Ben Gray

      It’s not just the placing, look at the number of points. The grannies were dangerously close to Loreen’s score… so even with an 11th place from the juries, it’s not taking enough away from their massive score to bring them down the board.

    • Philip Stuart

      The reason this looks so odd is of how Russia came 11th. in the jury vote. If some countries had them high in the Jury vote then half that score plus half the tv score would still give them big numbers from some countries. Serbia on the other hand may have been mid table in a lot of countries jury which would give them a better average but perhaps smaller individual points in total. I always wonder what the table would be like if every country had to give every country a placing. Under the present system, if Country X was 11th in everybody’s favourites they would have Nil points, but a country that was in the top ten just once and say last by all the others would look better.

  • http://twitter.com/rio_ben Ben Gray

    Whoa! 0 for France from the televoters? Yikes….!