The Swiss final line-up complete

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The Swiss final line-up complete

The Swiss Television SF (Schweizer Fernsehen) has now revealed the four songs that will complete the line-up for the December final in Kreuzingen. Remarkably the first ever Swiss winner Lys Assia did not make it to the final this time. In the final are the band formed of the Swiss Salvation Army as well as Spanish Melissa, who has previously already tried her luck to represent her other home country.

The four acts selected from the German part of Switzerland are:

  • Anthony BigheadDo the monkey
  • HeilsarmeeYou and me
  • Jesse RitchForever & a day
  • MelissaThe point of no return

Jesse Ritch is known from the German edition of Pop Idol, Deutschland sucht ein Superstar and Anthony Bighead is known as a children’s TV presenter. Heilsarmee has members from 20 to 94 years of age and they all are also part of the Salvation Army. Melissa lives in Alicante, but has a dual citizenship in Switzerland as well.

Watch the videos for all the nine songs taking part in the Swiss final on 15 December in Kreuzlingen on the SF Eurovision website.

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Juha Repo

  • Florian CH

    I predict, Heilsarmee, Melissa Lopez or Jesse Ritch will win the swiss ticket for Malmö. ;)

  • music

    Melissa has the best song
    i hope it win!!:)

  • true fantasy

    The winner of ESC 2013 will not come from Switzerland.
    the songs are avarage
    non of the songs had the “wow” effect on me.

  • filipe ramos

    I sent an email to Mr Daniel Meister asking how can a “wonderful” song, such as “Do the monkey”, can get the final. I think they are acting just like Portugal: we don’t want to win the ESC.

  • Olezhka

    Melissa is the one good way for Switzeland.

  • josh w

    oh gosh..we are doomed..once again:(

  • Max Jo'

    I am happy for the Salvation Army, Jesse Ritch and Melissa. All in all, an interesting line-up with quite a lot of potential qualifiers. I cross my fingers for Switzerland!