San Marino reacts to running order rule

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San Marino reacts to running order rule

Last Thursday’s announcement of the changes in the way the running order of the next Eurovision Song Contest will be done has triggered a great number of reactions from fans and broadcasters. Mr. Alessandro Capicchioni , the Head of the Sammarinese Eurovision delegation, has stated  that the new rule regarding the running order  is a  brave decision and has been taken for the success of the show, taking the Swedish Melodifestivalen as a role model.

Alessandro Capicchioni told “It’s a brave decision!. And it has surely been taken for the beauty and for the success of the show. Yet again, the Swedish  Melodifestival stays as a model for the Eurovision Song Contest  as Festival di San Remo did back  in the ‘50s.The Host Broadcaster has now a great power.” says Mr Capicchioni.

And he continues: “It won’t decide the winner (because the best song will win whatever its position is), but it may affect the results of those singing in the central positions. If San Marino, for example, has the same type of song as Cyprus, upon which elements should the host broadcaster decide that we should sing after the break and Cyprus not, why Greece should sing 13th  and Romania 17th or 21st? Last but not least: of course a great and well known artist would attract more interest than a ‘minor’ one and the organizers may want her/him to sing in the last positions to have a more thrilling show. Small countries are then disadvantaged because they do not normally have artists in the European charts. How can you defeat Blue, Humperdink, Kaas or Anouk in terms of fame if you’re not England, France or Holland? However, it’s a brave decision, go Christer go!

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Sanjay Jiandani

  • Ricky Slovenia

    I still need to be convinced of this idea

  • just me and my guitar…

    That new rule is puzzling and I am not quite sure yet if it is for the better or not. Providing that their initial purpose, to keep a nice change of pace and genres throughout the contest so every song stands out and is not lost in the midst of many similar songs, is true it could actually make the contest more interesting. On the other hand as many have stated how would a country react by getting No.2 or No.3 for instance ? There will be reactions when the time to allocate these positions comes and I am curious how the EBU is going to handle them.

  • Martinosaurus

    He does go a bit off message half way through, but it’s good to hear someone say something positive about the rule change. It’s true that the overall winner will probably not be affected too much. A lot of the reaction has been over the top in my opinion. I like the idea of separating out similar songs so that they all get a chance to shine. That said, it seems that my voice is a quiet one in the face of a roar of overreaction.

  • Lina

    At the beggining and at the end Mr Alessandro Capicchioni says that is Brave decision from host country, but in the middle of his interview have doubts about host country critiria of each country ( not song ) running order. But this is the problem Mr Alessandro Capicchioni , so i wonder why you say Bravo ….i wonder if San Marino pass to the final and Sweds put San Marino to sing first what Mr Alessandro Capicchioni will say ….