Portugal will not participate in Eurovision 2013

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Portugal will not participate in Eurovision 2013

RTP, the Portuguese national broadcaster has informed  and confirmed to Esctoday.com that Portugal will not participate at the  2013 Eurovision Song Contest.  The broadcaster does not discard the idea that they may return to the contest in 2014.

Portugal has been competing at the Eurovision Song Contest for 48 years having contributed a total of 45 entries, having missed out on participating in 1970, 2000 and 2002.

Portugal debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1964 with Antonio Calvario, and is yet to win the event. Portugal’s best placing at the Eurovision Song Contest has been a 6th placing in 1996 with Lucia Moniz‘s O meu coraçao nao tem cor.

Stay tuned to Esctoday.com for more information on Portugal and the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Esctoday.com

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Sanjay Jiandani

  • Alexjsy

    gutted, Portugal will be missed, please come back soon

  • Benas Kirša

    Very disappointing news :/

  • Hansjürgen** Krotsch

    Oh no my fav country will be out????? How come?? ;)))

    OK let´s give them credit for assuming financial issues!!

    So but we still have Greece, and thank good that they are doing great with their economy!! ;)

    • Donnie Darko

      Typical irony and ignorance…Greece will be participating and same as 3 last years costs will be covered by record companies which means nothing to do with national money.Get a life ! Unless you really hate Greece and want us out…( It’s very sad what media brainwashing can provoke…)

    • John Andrews

      You know, we have a saying here – ‘sarcasm is the lowest form of wit’….despite what you think, Portugal WILL be missed, despite what you say. Did you have a bad holiday there or something? Come on, spill it LOL

  • Espabila 2012

    Totally agree with the decision. a) too expensive and b) what’s the point? No neighbourhing votes for Portugal (not even from Spain!) And I am sorry, you currently need them to win! Not to do well, but to win, yes!

  • andre _

    Portugal was one of my favourites ESC countries, they sang in their language and style and they were not appreciated in ESC, but I am glad that they took this decision to give a lesson to this year’s organisers who took way the draw for the running order and to those who reward the songs who have nothing to do with the country they represent.This is not X-factor nor MF, it is Eurovision and it should be as it was before. Portugal almost every year sang in Portuguese in theur music style and didnt change its style to get votes like other countries did. I hope Portugal’s absence will be felt and missed as Portugal’s entries were unique and distinctive, and not one of the same

  • Karl P.

    I can’t believe what I’m reading! WHY?!?!?!? :( So sad….

    I hope Portugal changes its mind in the last minute. I hope countries who won’t be planning to be in next year’s contest change their mind…

  • â

    Well this is a matter of opinion. It’s sad whatever country withdraws, but I would rather have Montenegro which has more potential and is still a new country in ESC than Portugal who has sent soooo much crap over the years. They flopped in Eurovision before the Eastern countries joined so that is a very poor excuse indeed. Not to mention it has not been only Eastern countries that has won lately. Finland, Norway, Germany, Sweden… I think it’s a shame that Portugal has been trying for so long and NOW they decide to quit.

  • Oleg Bulychev

    Oh noooo

  • Donnie Darko

    So sad :(

  • Simon Clifford

    So sad. Portugal will be missed, lets hope this is the last of the withdrawals…

  • Carl Thomas

    To be honest I could not care less if a variety of countries had left this year as I think it depends on the countries as some give more to the contest than others in a variety of factors. Today we heard Montenegro is participating and Portugal is leaving – I know which way round I would have preferred it! Losing the Portuguese really is a bad news story!

  • Lina

    @Filipe , Portugal was flop every year in ESC and before Eastern block joining the contest. I thing its time for Portugal to send a song in english language. Only with this way have changes to do whell. Portugese language is lovely but we have to be realistics….. Native language do do whell in Esc and especially from countries who dont belong to blocks. Yes Serbia win the contest in Serbian language, but Serbia take good places only in balcan ballants plus Serbia have help from ex yugo immigrants ( and from ex yugo countries immigrants who didnt make it to the final ) and also from ex yugo countries ( 5 countries who give 8 – 10 and 12 points to Serbia ). Unfurtunetly Portugal has no this bennefits. Lets hope that RTP will have second thoughts until end of December !!!

  • Filipe de Campos

    Glad to know! We have sent very good songs over the past years. Why should we sepnd lots of money (that we don’t have) knowing any Eastern country will win with a joke song or a circus number

    • adarvus ceterum

      Not only Eastern countries … unfortunately, Finland and Norway won with circus numbers too … whereas Serbia provided the best winning song since 1994 imho.

      One of my favourite ESC countries won’t be there next May. Please, come back in 2014, Portugal!!!

  • Lina

    Guys some countries like: Slovakia , Romania and Bosnia for example they didnt confirm theyr participation yet, so maybe we are going to have more withdrawings until end of December ( i hope NOT ! )

  • Christos Loumas

    Such a pity!

  • John Andrews

    Sad news. In recent years Portugal has been one of my favourite ESC countries. Let’s hope they don’t stay away too long and come back stronger than ever :-)

  • Lina

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :(

  • dimitris calling

    That’s so sad!I will miss Portugal and their finals. It was Poland and now it’s Portugal.I’m so disappointed. :(

  • http://www.jetadore-eurovision.co.uk Simon Hylands

    Very disappointing!! :-(

  • Xabier Nambo

    Oh no! My lovely PORTUGAL! We’ll miss you a lot! One of the best countries gone :( so sad and bad for all of us!