Juan Carlos Calderón passes away

Spain 26 Nov 2012
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Juan Carlos Calderón passes away

The Spanish press reports today about the death of Juan Carlos Calderón, the composer behind the hit “Eres tu” performed by Mocedades. The group competed with the song in the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest where it placed second.

Juan Carlos Calderón was born in 1938 and started his musical career as part of a jazz band formed in his hometown in 1960. Three years later he moved to Castellón where he recorded his first disc. In 1968 he released his first album named “Juan Carlos Calderón presenta a Juan Carlos Calderón” which won the Ondas Awards in Spain.

In 1973 he composed the Spanish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. The song “Eres tu” performed by Mocedades finished 2nd in the contest but afterwards it became a smash hit in Spain and in the United States selling more than 1 million copies of the disc. He also composed the 1985 and 1989 Spanish entries performed by Paloma San Basilio and Nina.

The Esctoday.com team offers their deepest sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of Juan Carlos.

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  • F H

    Juan Carlos Calderón is the best Spanish composer throughout time and space. To add more information to this piece of news I can say that the marvellous and beautiful Santander -a smart and cultural seaside town in the north of Spain- was his hometown -the place he usued to come back in order to enjoy with life and people-. Among his best creations, we have to talk about “Eres tú”. Performed by Mocedades, it came second in the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest and succeeded to reach the top 10 in the United States, peaking at #9 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart and also reaching the top 10 on the Adult Contemporary chart. In the United States, the song is an airplay favourite today on Adult Standards and Easy Listening radio. There is also an English language version of the song entitled “Touch the Wind”. It was an important hit in lots of countries. He also composed another three songs for Eurovision, the two last ones too unfairly underrated in the European Contest. I specially like “La fiesta terminó” performed by Paloma San Basilio and “Nacida para amar”, performed by Nina, both of them great singers, but we have to mention the soft “Tu volverás, by Sergio and Estibaliz too. He also composed other songs for The OTI Festival and for several films. In 1968 won an Ondas Award. He wrote songs for artist like Luis Miguel (who won a Grammy with a Calderón song), Julio Iglesias, Chayanne, Nino Bravo, Cecilia, Camilo Sesto, Paloma San Basilio, Rocío Durcal, David Bustamante or Mari Trini. Rest in peace, Juan Carlos. God bless you! I dedicate you the Elisabeth Andreassen’s hit “Evighet” (2nd at the ESC) because you are “Eres tú” the one who deserve to reach eternity!

  • skgambassadortoesc

    Sad news. I love almost every attempt of his in the ESC. “Eres Tu” in particular is in my all time top5.
    May he rest in peace.

  • http://eurovisivo.blogspot.com Eres Tu


  • http://eurovisivo.blogspot.com Eres Tu

    I guess I don’t need to enphasise, give my nickname here, how saddening this news is for me. He has indeed contributed some real gems to the contest.

  • Espabila 2012

    I am utterly upset.

  • Xelx Axa

    He was also behind “Tú volverás” (ESC 1975), “La fiesta terminó” (ESC 1985) and “Nacida para amar” (ESC 1989). A great composer. R.I.P.