Special Committee to select French entry and representative

Special Committee to select French entry and representative
France 3 has  informed Esctoday.com that the task of selecting the 2013 French Eurovision entry and representative will lie in the hands of a special committee consisting of professionals from the French music industry ( singers, managers, lyricists, composers)and representatives of France Televisions. The act which will represent France in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest will be the one that fits best from a short list of 10-12 singers/songs. The French committee will meet early 2013 and propose an internal preselection, after their deliberation and selection,both the French entry and representative will be announced.

A new selection commitee

France 3 has opted for a fresh and innovative method and mechanism to select the artist and the song which will represent France at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest next May in Malmo, Sweden by creating a selection committee composed of 12 personalities from the music industry (writers, composers, singers, managers, lyricists etc) and representatives from France Televisions (France 3 and France Ô). A pre-selection made by France 3 will be proposed and the committee will be choosing among 10-12 singers/songs. There will not be an open call for songs. The committee is scheduled to meet in January.

A new head of the French ESC delegation-

Frédéric Valencak, assistant director of France 3 Entertainment Department, has been appointed head of the French Eurovision Song Contest delegation.Bruno Berberes, who was the head of the French Eurovision Song Contest delegation, is currently  involved in his casting director activities, will now be the  artistic advisor of the French Eurovision Song Contest delegation.

The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final will be broadcast live on France 3, commented as last year by Mireille Dumas and Cyril Feraud , and one on the semi-final on France Ô.

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  • This is my opinion

    oh and decorations won’t help lift the song to higher position, bring some feelings and real song not souless freak or clown

  • This is my opinion

    oh i hope they will not try another disaster like 2010, 2011 and 2012, this is eurovision song contest, you need descent song for descent position

  • â

    I hoped they would have a NF again. I also liked their 2007 NF. Hopefully they will pick something exciting this time.

  • Candyman 12 points

    damn i hoped that they will do a special show for Eurovision where the public will decide on the French entry. They should not repeat the same mistakes. Anggun had a weak, generic song.

    Hopefully they won’t pick an amateur artist to do the job.

  • Cop20

    So, they are doing pretty much the same like in last 4 years. I hope they organize national final for Eurovision 2014. Their last one from 2007 was great.