Moldova : TRM changes the selection rules

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Moldova : TRM changes the selection rules

The Moldovan national broadcaster kicked-off today the selection for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. TRM published the rules of the competition on their official website. Unlike past years, the Moldovan television will conduct two parallel selections : one for songs and another one for singers. The deadline to apply for the national selection is set to 10 January 2013 for both songwriters and singers.

As Esctoday previously reported, the national final of Moldova will take place on 2 March 2013 in Chişinău.

The submitted songs must be performed only in Romanian or English. No other language is accepted. Foreign songwriters can also take part in the competition. Also, the Moldovan broadcaster underlines the fact that the songwriters should know that their song could be performed by any of the singers that qualified for the final.

You can consult the official rules of the competition here.

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