Zlata Ognevich to represent Ukraine in Malmö

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Zlata Ognevich to represent Ukraine in Malmö

Popular singer Zlata Ognevich has won the Ukrainian national final for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest and thus will represent the young Eastern European country in Malmö. Zlata will perform the song Gravity which was composed by Mikhail Nekrasov and penned by Karen Kavaleryan. Twenty artists have competed in the final stage of the Ukrainian selection show.

Mikhail Nekrasov also composed the 2006 entry Show me your love performed by Tina Karol.

Zlata Ognevich is a well known singer in Ukraine. The euro fans remember her for participating in the 2011 selection with the song The Kukushka.

Ukraine first participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003 and since then they won Europe’s favorite TV show only once, in 2004, when their biggest star, Ruslana, represented them with the song Wild dances.

Watch Zlata performing her Eurovision entry Gravity below :

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