[UPD]Greek Eurovision hopefuls announced Thursday

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[UPD]Greek Eurovision hopefuls announced Thursday

Four acts will take part in the Greek final for the selection of the country’s candidate for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest which will take place on 19 or 21 February. For the first time in its history the Greek broadcaster, ERT, will not be organizing the event but will be collaborating with a private channel, MAD TV. The official announcement of the collaboration will take place tomorrow and the names of the four candidates will be revealed on Thursday.

Greece’s road to Malmo this year has not been paved with roses as the country’s economical situation made it impossible for the local broadcaster to undertake the expenses of the participation. The only way to make the project feasible would be to find a sponsor who would cover the expenses. For the first time in the history of the country in the Eurovision Song Contest, the national final will be organized by a private TV Channel, MAD TV. The deal has now been officially approved by ERT’s board of directors and the names of the four acts who will take part in the country’s MAD final will be revealed on Thursday following the official announcement of the collaboration between the two channels tomorrow, Wednesday.

The Greek final will take place on the 19 or 21 February and four popular acts in the local music scene will compete for the honour to represent the country in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. The public will be offered a selection of four different music genres to choose from. MAD TV will cover all expenses for the Greek final as well as the production of the entry and the delegation’s expenses in Malmo.

MAD channel is very popular among younger audiences in the country and since 2004 have been the organizers of MAD Video Music Awards (MAD VMA), an extremely popular annual show which features the biggest names in Greece.

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