Moldova: Aliona Moon to perform in Romanian in Malmö

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Moldova: Aliona Moon to perform in Romanian in Malmö

Today, the Moldovan National Television (TRM) held a special meeting with the team of Aliona Moon to decide on the language in which the singer is going to perform her Eurovision entry in May. It has been decided that the Romanian version of the song will be performed in Malmö instead of the English one.

For the second time since their debut entry in 2005, the Moldovan delegation will perform in the country’s national language at the Eurovision Song Contest. Aliona Moon will perform her song entitled O mie in the Romanian language.

You can listen to the Romanian version of her song below:


Also representing Moldova, in 2009, the song Hora din Moldova sung by Nelly Ciobanu was the last Romanian language song to be performed at the Eurovision Song Contest.


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