Turkey: TRT will not participate in Eurovision 2014

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Turkey: TRT will not participate in Eurovision 2014

TRT, the Turkish national broadcaster has confirmed to esctoday.com that Turkey will not participate at the forthcoming 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark next year. Hence we will not see a Turkish entry in Copenhagen.

The Turkish broadcaster has informed esctoday.com that Turkey does not close the door to the contest, hence leaving the door open of a possible return to the event in the near future.

Turkey missed out on competing in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 and will not compete in 2014.

Turkey decided to withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest last year. TRT, the national Turkish broadcaster, announced in a communique on their official website on the 14th of December 2012  that Turkey would  not compete at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden . The broadcaster’s reasons for withdrawing from this year’s event were that the changes in the voting system of the contest: introduction of 50/50 jury and televoting deliberation, and the Big 5 rule, enabling  Spain, Italy, UK, France and Germany to automatically qualify every year for the final. The broadcaster expressed its discontent regarding these rules and felt they are not fair. You can read more about it here.

Turkey debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1975 with Semiha Yanki’s Seninle bir dakika.Turkey won the contest in 2003 with Sertab Erener’s Every way that I can and successfully hosted the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest on home soil in Istanbul.

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  • Stian F

    Superb “news” :) I rather have a competition with countries who respect human rights and equality and fairness than countries like Turkey, Russia, Belarus or Azerbaijan in the competition. That said: Turkey has had some really great entries throughout the years, and their winner from 2003 is one of the best winners ever, regarding song and performance – and also their 2008 and 2010 entries were amazing… but they cannot act like they do atm. Now I only hope for Russia to pull out as well as they probably will not allow Austria’s Conchita Wurst to be displayed on national TV:) I also hope that Denmark do as Sweden did this year – showcases that Eurovision is for EVERYONE!!!!

    Regarding Azerbaijan… well its a dictatorship with no regards to human rights, and considering that they always buy their songs from Sweden proves that they shouldnt really take part in Eurovision either – I prefer countries that at least MOST of the times comes with songs made by themselves …

    Belarus… ah well. Also a dictatorship, but surprisingly enough one of the countries that always takes part, no matter the result – and they never make a fuzz in the real event (only with their own selection), so I have to give them kudos for that:)

    I am sad about seeing Cyprus and Croatia not taking part, and I am very happy to see Portugal back as well – despite me never have been a big fan of their entries. Now I only hope for Andorra to return at one point as well:)

  • Laurent

    Homophobic countries shouldn’t be part of the show anyway! Specially Russia!!!
    What are they going to do when Austria shows up on stage? Cut it and broadcast Russian commercials during the act in order to prevent the public from seeing something “gay”?
    What if Finland kisses again? Is TRT going to cancel the broadcast of the final like last year?

    • This is my opinion

      if turkey wants to keep out its up to them they shouldn’t make excuses about change sin eurovision becaus eits not so hard to get used to changes no need to be childish

  • Laurent

    After not broadcasting the final last year because of the Finnish kiss, TRT shouldn’t broadcast next year’s Eurovision anyway. There will be a bearded singer dressed in girl’s clothes!
    We don’t need homophobic countries like Turkey or Russia to be part of a show, where they don’t agree with the gay image!


    The Turkish broadcaster TRT claims that EBU apologized to them for the unfairness in the voting mechanism and I do believe this is just, to put it nicely, a lie.

    There are three main reasons of Turkey’s non-participiation.
    1) Since the jury is back, it’s been hard for the Turkish entries to proceed to the final. Because now all the Turkish public votes coming from Germany, France, Azerbaijan etc. are not as effective as they are used to be. This takes us to reason number 2.

    2) Turkey is governed by people who want nothing but to win. They do not care about the joy of participiation. They don’t understand that ESC is just a popular show and all you need to do is have fun. If the probability of winning is not high, they simply choose not to play at all. (This is applicable to many areas besides ESC.
    3) We have a very conservative government here. Many people at TRT and the related government units see this contest as an indecent show. (Just two examples: 1)They were very angry about the outfit of the singer Hadise in 2009. So after that they sent entries performed by male singers or bands with all male members 2) Two women kissing in this year’s Finnish entry was just unacceptable and broadcasting it live is simply unthinkable at all.

    I am from Turkey and I am glad that my country with such stupid ideas do not participiate.

  • Dylan

    Like I commented last year on articles regarding this situation; it is childish for them to withdraw from the contest because of the big 5 and voting. Why should they complain when from 2003-2012 they come (in order from 2003): 1st, 4th, 13th, 11th, 4th, 7th, 4th, 2nd, miss the final once but comes 8 points short of the final, and 7th. And if you compare it to other countries that’s a damn fine record and yet they withdraw. I’d expect this from a country that is actually doing bad at the contest and not a country that has nearly placed in the top 10 in almost a decade!

  • Fairytale

    I hope so too, i will be very happy if Turkey comes back next year especially with amazing songs like For real,we could be the same or Deli ; these songs are in my top 10 esc entries of all times .

  • Benjamin Johnson

    Sour grapes!!!

  • Howard Lodge

    Do you know something? Who cares? Sulk and miss out whilst Europe enjoys itself! I just feel sorry for the Turkish fans.

  • Music forever

    Sad news, as a fan of Turkish pop and rock music i would like to see Turkey back in the contest.

  • Engin A.

    As a Turkish, I think we were doing just fine in the contest. TRT has other reasons to withdraw, I beileve.
    I wonder that will TRT air the final show.

  • Michael UK

    What hypocrisy ! Turkey has a 60 point head start every year thanks to diaspora plus the usual 12 from Azerbaijan and Bosnia , is that fair ??

  • jclugoholt

    it’s funny they’re complaining about the voting system and the big 5 rule, when they actually won and have earned really good places in the last decades. Maybe, they’re needing time to take fresh air and get a new push in the contest, but c’mon, stop complaining, Turkey is good enough to win ESC without the help of its big western diaspora.

  • snowhite

    I agree that voting system and big 5 rule aren’t fair but what is fair in life?:P For me Turkey was one of the best esc countries with good songs and stage shows.

  • Stephan

    I guess Turkey actually has other problems, but when it is still because of the voting system, then: bye bye … we don’t care