[UPD] Eurovision 2014: How many countries will compete in Copenhagen?

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[UPD] Eurovision 2014: How many countries will compete in Copenhagen?

How many countries will compete at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest? The deadline for countries to submit their applications to the EBU in order to compete at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is approaching. Countries wishing to participate have to apply by 22 November. The official list of participating countries will be released by the EBU at the beginning of January.

A total of 31 countries have confirmed their participation at the forthcoming 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark so far. Whilst 3 countries have said that they are most likely to compete in the event next year, an official confirmation is yet to come. Another 6 countries are yet to make a decision regarding their participation in 2014.

Cyprus and Croatia have decided to opt out of the competition in 2014 due to financial reasons. Portugal and Bosnia Herzegovina will be returning to the contest next year after a year’s absence.

The EBU has extended the deadline for Greece given the special situation the country is facing currently after ERT, the former Greek national broadcaster was shut down by the government last June. Currently an interim channel DT is operational until the new state broadcaster NERIT is launched.

Countries confirmed

Albania FYR Macedonia Portugal
Austria Hungary Russia
Belarus Iceland San Marino
Belgium Ireland Spain
Bosnia & Herzegovina Israel Sweden
Denmark Italy Switzerland
Estonia Latvia The Netherlands
Finland Lithuania Ukraine
France Montenegro United Kingdom
Georgia Norway
Germany Malta

Countries most likely to participate

Slovenia Moldova   Greece

Countries yet to decide

Azerbaijan Bulgaria Romania
Armenia Poland Serbia

Countries that will not participate

Andorra Czech Republic Monaco
Cyprus Luxembourg Slovakia
Croatia Morocco Turkey

A total of 51 countries have competed in the Eurovision Song Contest throughout its history. The Eurovision Song Contest was born in 1956 with 7 countries participating: Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy. 2008 saw a record number of 43 countries compete at the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade. In 2013 a total of 39 countries participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden.

The 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be held at the B&W Hallerne in Copenhangen on May 6,8 and 10. Stay tuned to esctoday.com for more news on the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

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  • Bane

    How unusual, they just deleted the page where the statement was published. God knows what is happening in RTS.

  • Bane
  • Alain Muriel

    Kosovo CANNOT debut at ESC14 because they are not a full member of the EBU. In order to belong to EBU they must also be a full member of the UN and not everyone recognises Kosovo as an independant nation. Until this happens, Kosovo cannot become part of the International Telecommunications Union and therefore cannot join the EBU.

    Serbia have already said on the RTS website that they are not considering a withdrawal.

    Why are Italy on the list of those taking part and on the list for those expected to take part?

  • GM

    Bosnia just decided to participate … BREAKING NEWS …

  • dhani

    bosnia/herzegovina confirmed today. i heard that kosovo would debute. and i remember reading an article a couple of weeks ago saying that serbia are not giving up on eurovision,

  • dhani

    bosnia/herzegovina confirmed today , and i heard that kosovo will be debuting

  • Hans

    Bulgaria already confirmed earlier this month that they will take part.


  • Michaell

    TVP, Polish public broadcaster, will annouce it’s decision, probably in next week. The question is Poland will concentrate on national concerts and contest or take part in international competition. ESC in Poland is not popular, mainly due to fatal results and bad reviews about Eurovision, also TVP organize very weak preselection in which not take part well-known Polish artist. The same situation is in neighbos – Czech Republic and Slovakia. I hope Poland, one of the greatest country in Europe, country of wonderful history and culture, return. Greetings