Sweden: Helena Paparizou sets her eyes on representing Sweden

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Sweden: Helena Paparizou sets her eyes on representing Sweden

Swedish born Greek superstar Helena Paparizou is planning to grace the Eurovision stage for the 3rd time, this time she’s bidding to represent Sweden at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

Helena Paparizou will be competing in the first Melodifestivalen 2014 semi-final in Malmö  with her entry Survivor. The former Greek representative has competed in the Eurovision Song Contest twice. She represented Greece in 2001 as part of Antique in Copenhagen achieving a 3rd place and in 2005 when she brought the Eurovision trophy to Greece for the very first time with My number one.

It isn’t a coincidence but Helena’s very first encounter with the Eurovision Song Contest was in 2001 in Copenhagen at the Eurovision Song Contest when she mesmerised the audience with her Greek ethno pop melody I’d die for you.  Her entry placed 3rd back then and enjoyed great success both in Scandinavia and in Greece. It will be interesting to see her back on Eurovision stage in the very same city where she had her very first Eurovision experience in 2001 at Copenhagen’s Parken Stadium.

Even more interesting and unique will be the fact that this time she will be representing Sweden, the country where she was born.

Before we jump the gun, Helena has to qualify from Melodifestivalen’s first semifinal and then win the golden ticket to Copenhagen in the grand final. The 2014 Melodifestivalen promises to be both exciting and tough. Celebrated Swedish acts will be competing next year: Martin Stenmark ( Sweden 2005), Yohio, Sanne Nielsen and many more.

Helena Paparizou enjoys fame, name and recognition both in Sweden and Greece, and is amongst the most sought after artists in her homeland. Helena is the first and only artist that has brought Eurovision victory back to Greek soil. She has recorded many albums both in Greece and Sweden, having achieved many hits and ranked high in the charts.

I would die for you- Greece 2001- Antique

My number one- Greece 2005 winning entry

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  • Erik

    Vindio… there is a difference to your comparisons. Helena was born in Sweden, she is raised in the Swedish Culture, went to Swedish school that Swedish tax payers paid for. She also got her musical education in Sweden, got her first record deal in Sweden and thanks to her “Swedish recordings” scored hits in Greece with Antique. After that Greece wanted Helena! Which she accepted and wanted though her greek was quite bad in the beginning since her first language is Swedish.

    I still Think it will be very hard for her to win Melodifestivalen this year, but I wouldn´t mind at all.


  • Daniel

    Vindio. I still not agree! Is shakira, Gloria Estefan born in Spain? NO! Helena and Lorenn is born in Sweden! You can not compare that way!

  • Dennis

    Vindio, your view of “native Swedes” makes me get a chill of nationalsocialism!
    Your view upon Swedishness frightens me! It’s up to the individuals themselves to decide.

    I’m really glad that Elena will compete!
    Borring although that she’ll not compete in her home town Gothenburg.

  • Vindio

    @daniel It’s not a racism matter. By the way, I’m a great fan of Helena. I want you not to apply double standards. It’s not fair. I wonder what would be said here if many Latin-American singers whose parents were Spaniards like the Mexican Luis Miguel attended the contest representing Spain. More of then have the right to have a double nacionality. Shakira is married with a Spanish football player, they leave in Spain and their son is Spaniard. Gloria Estefan’s grandfather was Spaniard too. We would be likely criticised. if you ask for my opinion I don’t like to watch a Canadian like the great Celine Dion competing with Switzerland, a greek like Nana Mouskouri representing Luxembourg, a singer from the states like Katrina Leskanich defending the UK, an Algerian like Amina or an Indonesian like Anggunn defending France,… It’s not racism but respecting the tradition and he own idiosyncrasy. All of them are marvelous artists.

  • Victoria

    I don’t know if everyone was like that but I do remember that many Spanish people as well as others all thought that you should sing in your own language and then that argument was held about the composers. As well as many Swede got sick about the fact that that year we had like 12 Swedish influenced songs in the competition.

    And (H)Elena is Swedish, but she is also Greek :D

    But my question is, if she is gonna represent us, who will Greece give the 12?

  • Thisismyopinion

    It would be interesting to see Helena back, it could either be that she wants to just make Sweden happy that because she was borbn in sweden she is in Melodifestivalen to try for representing sweden even if she doesn’t win ticket to eurovision at least she tried and at the same time she would promote her song via melodifestivalen and even bigger if she goes for eurovision and first to be the winner 2nd time after johnny logan, good luck

  • John Persson

    Now please give us Sakis Rouvas.

  • james

    Let’s not forget also that Helena’s backing singer was Shirley Clamp who also is rumoured to be taking part in melodifestivalen this year!

  • Daniel

    Vindio. She was born and grew up in Sweden (So was Loreen) Why would she not represent Sweden??? I Think your comments are a bit racist.

  • Vindio

    Moreover, Helena Paparizou has attended the contest with the Greek Delegation “twice”… It is quite bizarre her new arrival with Sweden this time. Too professional, isn’t it? Somebody could even suggest a mercenary business…

  • Vindio

    If I was born in Sweden and my parents and grandparents were born in Sweden too I would wonder myself if native Swedes cannot sing in the Eurovision Song contest… Let’s have a look of the last contestants… Loreen, Helena Paparizou,… Who will be the next one, Shakira?

  • Vindio

    I remember quite well how lots of people from Sweden were complaining all the time about the fact that Pastora Soler (Spanish contestant in 2012) was given a song composed by a Swede, when he actually sang a song composed by a Swede and 2 Spaniards and she is Spaniard too. You (Swedes) were against a foreign composer for a contestant’s song and now we (Spaniards)are astonished because you are delighted with a Greek singing for Sweden. It is a huge hypocrisy, isn’t it?

  • Linen

    I want her to win Melodifestivalen so badly, will be voting like crazy for her! Go go Elena! She’s the best! I really want her to represent Sweden it would be soooooo awesome!!! <3

  • Dimitris C.

    I hope Helena brings the 6th victory to Sweden. Greece is on your side, Helena. Go for it!!!