Eurovision 2014: Bosnia & Herzegovina will not compete in Copenhagen

Source:, BHRT
Eurovision 2014: Bosnia & Herzegovina will not compete in Copenhagen

BHRT, the Bosnian national broadcaster announced yesterday in a press release on its official website that Bosnia & Herzegovina will not participate at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Hence the country will miss the competition for a 2nd year in a row.

Last November BHRT had confirmed to its intention to compete at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest after officially sending its participation application to the EBU. The broadcaster stated that it would look for  external sponsorship in order to return to the contest in 2014 and participate.

Yesterday the board of directors of BHRT had a meeting in Sarajevo in order to discuss the broadcaster’s financial plan for 2014, where it was decided that due to financial reasons BHRT will not participate at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. The plans for external sponsorship to finance the Bosnian Eurovision participation did not materialise.

BHRT’s Steering Committee will do its best to provide its citizens a live transmission of the Eurovision Song Contest next year.

With Bosnia & Herzegovina’s withdrawal we are now left with 37 countries who have officially applied for participate at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. It is yet unclear if any more countries will withdraw from the competition. The intial date for countries to withdraw their application without a penalty was set on 15 December 2014. The official list of participants for Eurovision 2014 will be released by early January by the EBU.

Bosnia & Herzegovina withdrew from the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 due to financial reasons. We will not see a Bosnian participation in the contest for a 2nd year in a row. Bosnia & Herzegovina last participated in the event in 2012 and Maya Saar represented the country in Baku.

Maya Saar – Bosnia Herzegovina Eurovision 2012

Bosnia & Herzegovina debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993 with Fazla’s Sva bol svijeta and is yet to win the contest. The country’s best placing was a 3rd place in 2006 with Hari Mata Hari‘s Lejla.

Stay tuned to for the latest information on Bosnia & Herzegovina and the Eurovision Song Contest.

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  • Jean

    Δοξα το θεω που αποχωρησε ετσι θελω να μειωθουν οι χωρες να γινουν 30 ετσι για να βαλει μυαλο η Eurovision


    Thank God that Bosnia and Herzegovina will not partaking in this (now already) circus.

    Am I surprised ? Not at all, on the contrary Eurovision Song Contest has become little by little expensive “circus organization.”

    Why do I say circus ? For a very simple reason:

    1 ) At a time when the economic crisis is hitting many members of the EBU did not find a suitable solution about the participation of individual member states in which to help them financially to more easily participate , and now we have one by one member cancels participation.

    2 ) The second (which is obviously noticeable) bigger problem is that the notes hostility between East and West Europe, it is the most better be seen during the voting.

    3 ) Many complain that they do not have equal rights and so some see the direct placement (top 5) and others have to fight for the finals.

    May I ask why they do not have equal rights , and who better to be a victory it is at least fair. I know some will say because they pay more, but if you pay as much as they say, then why are astronomical price for taking place?

    For me the most improved Eurovision Song Contest is when only one evening with 25 countries and the song could not be heard before the start all the other stuff is just a circus that has nothing to do with music.

  • Beni

    I can’t believe all our neighbours are withdrawing, what a bunch of crap this is…

    How it can financial crisis and problems for broadcasters in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and now probably Slovenia, but Montenegro and here in Macedonia can afford it when we are the smallest and poorest Yugoslav nations? And not only afford it but we are sending our biggest regional superstars…

    Maaybe we should withdraw too now and wait with Sergej and Tijana for when we have some friends back…

  • Fredrik

    How Can Bosnia have funds for Turkvision but not for Eurovision if they say they have no money?. I think thats strange. Turkvision costs money to.

  • cathal

    it isnt bs for bosnia, that part of europe is in a serious financial crisis, as you can see we have lost serbia and croatia aswell, and we still could possibly lose slovenia,

  • Davve

    I think the budget reasonubgs from withdrawing countries are BS.

  • cathal

    anton : greece and slovenia’s participation is not confirmed yet as greece as we all know are having a financial crisis, and slovenia are checking there budget for 2014.

  • Anton

    Why 37? Greece and Slovenia will participate?

  • TurkVizyon

    Bosna’s withdraw might be interested with Turkivision song contest. They already say lately to be in contest but for Turkvision, they accepted it right now..
    Anyway, good luck to all countries in the contest