Ukraine: Maria Yaremchuk to Copenhagen!

Ukraine: Maria Yaremchuk to Copenhagen!

The 2014 Ukranian national final was held today, Saturday 21 December, in Kiev. Maria Yaremchuk won the competition and will represent Ukraine at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen with the song Tick-tock. 

The very first national final for the 2014 Eurovision season was held today in Kiev, Ukraine, where a total of 20 acts battled for the golden ticket to Copenhagen. Maria Yaremchuk won the final and will fly the Ukrainian flag in Copenhagen with Tick-tock.

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Ukraine debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003 and has won the event once in 2004 with Ruslana’s Wild Dances bringing the trophy to Ukrainian soil for the very first time. Kiev and NTU sucessfully hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005.

Ukraine is one of the most successful countries in the contest, having qualified to the final every year since their debut and holds a good record in the competition (7 top 10 results out of their 11 contributions). The country placed 1st in 2oo4 with Ruslana, 2nd in 2007 with Verka Serduchka and in 2008 with Ani Lorak, 3rd in 2013 with Zlata Ognevich, 4th in 2011 with Mika Newton, 7th with Tina Karol in 2006 and 10th with Alyosha in 2010.

Stay tuned for more information on Ukraine and the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

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  • Sahte Sahmet

    ukraine is not keen this year they just want to participate instead of withdrawing, but I have feeling they might change this song for another to confuse others like previous years, belarus was another example

  • Benajmin Johnson

    Utter mess! Is song should be in JESC!!

  • Paco

    well, their rhythm…. it’s Ruslana style.Ok, typical ukranian… we’ll see the rest…. by the way, is it really necessary to do 2 semi finals in Copenhagen ???

  • Ian

    Oh for god’s sake. Another year, another song with dire pronounciation… why do they do it!

    The songs a complete mess, the arrangement is wrong, the dancers look like they were drafted in last minute, the singer really isn’t very good and the staging is an afront to the eyes.

    The Ukraine are going nowhere this year imo. I guarantee they will be in the finals though regardless, good ol’ eastern block votes in the semi’s.

  • ty om

    its amaziiiiiiiiing song i like it

  • gvf

    Crap !

  • Stephano

    Utter shit!!!!!!

  • Costas

    I don’t know why, but I feel Ukraine will switch song. In any case, this song can’t win…

  • tt

    The beginning of the song sounds like Ruslana’s “Fire or Ice” boohoo

  • Ben

    Not a very well written story, terrible quality video, and you forgot to replace the xxxxx in the URL…

  • cathal

    i thought personally that it was a weak NF, but i think in the end the best song won, it will probabily be remixed so much by the time we get to cophenhagan that we wont be able to recongnize it. good luck Ukraine, i really wanna go to kyiv in 2015

  • Aksizi

    I like it, its my fav! She will be in top 5! Good luck from turkey!

  • Davve

    Copenhangen? And 20 December? Esctoday, i expect better from you.

  • Karl Lewis

    As we have seen with a lot of the recent Ukraine entries- I’m sure what we will see in Denmark in May will be fairly different to this- they will work on it, add gimmicks get it ready for the big stage- and it will finish well probably

  • Richi

    Haha. Well, what can I say. This certainly gives people who mock the quality of Eurovision reason to do so. What utter crap!

  • Hilla Osovsky

    Disappointed. Was hoping the quality song which was “I’m Alive” by Illaria would have won..

    Tik Tok is not bad, it’s just not nearly as good as I’m Alive.

    Good Luck Ukraine !

  • davve

    The best song won! Weak national final this year!

    good luck in copenhagen