Belarus: TEO to Copenhagen!

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Belarus: TEO to Copenhagen!

The 2014 Belarusian national final was held today, Friday 10 January, in Minsk. TEO won the competition and will represent Belarus at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen with the song Cheesecake.

The winner

The Belarusian national selection took place today in the capital city, Minsk. 14 finalists battled at the selection for the golden ticket to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. TEO won the national selection with the song Cheesecake and will fly the Belarusian flag in the Danish capital this May.

The winning entry

Belarus debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2004 with the entry My galileo performed by Aleksandra and Konstantin. They failed to qualify from their semi-final, coming in 19th place with a total of 10 points. Belarus’ first qualification and their best result to date was in 2007 when Dmitry Koldun was selected to represent his country in the host city of Helsinki. In the grand final he received a total of 145 points with his song Work your magic, coming in a respectable 6th place.

Last year Alyona Lanskaya won the Belarusian national selection with her song Rhythm of love, however in March it was confirmed that Solayoh would be Belarus’ official entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Alyona qualified from the semi-final, eventually ending in 16th place at the grand final.

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  • GvF

    crap !

  • Jens

    I agree with you, Franto – the song is great! Simply lovin’ it!!!

  • Davve

    People in belarus and large parts of eastern europe can not speak english properly. Annoying.

  • Dirk

    No ESC winner song, but nonetheless a great song. The official video is even better! And I agree with Jonathan – there is a little Robin Thicke in it.

  • BE

    If this year, with this song, they decide NOT to change the song, that would really be weird. (Which actually makes me think there is a chance that they keep it.)

    But they have to change the lyrics somehow. Google – uh oh oh. Everybody loves you so.

  • Ola

    Truly dreadful. Hope they continue the tradition of changing the song. Wouldn´t mind a change of singer as well…

  • Paul

    Truly AWFUL. Hope they change the song.

  • Christos Loumas

    A pleasant surprise from Belarus. I love the way he moves, but I don’t really understand what he says.

  • Davve

    Good song. I think it will be up to him and his managers to make a great stage performance for the song now.

  • Jonathan

    He’s a bit like a cross between Pasha Parfeny and Robin Thicke! Well, I think so anyway….
    Not bad though! :)

  • Benjamin Johnson

    0 points….next…..

  • Daniel

    Best choice they could make! Hope they won’t change the song!!!

  • Sam

    But they can’t have a song that constantly has the lyrics “Google Maps” can they?

  • Cresto

    I think it’s reeeeealy not better choice…

  • Owen

    Quite frankly dreadful!

  • BE

    But when they change the song, who will then be artist?

  • franto

    Potential winner!!! Great choice