Eurovision 2014: Semi-finals allocation draw on 20 January.

Eurovision 2014: Semi-finals allocation draw on 20 January.

The allocation draw for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals will be held on Monday 20 January in Copenhagen, where a total of 28 countries will be divided and drawn into 2 semi-finals. The draw will be held at the Copenhagen City Hall. 

Sweden, Norway and Israel pre- allocation.

Sweden, Norway and Israel have been pre- allocated  prior to the draw. Sweden will compete in Semi- final 1 whilst Norway and Israel will compete in Semi-final 2.

Allocation Draw

28 countries will be divided into 6 pots and distributed equally into each of the 2 semi-finals by a draw.  The distribution of the countries in the 6 pots has been based on the voting pattern in each country in the past 10 years. This mechanism is used in order to avoid neighbourly voting and countries that tend to vote for each another ending up competing in the same semi-final.

First/Second Half of Semifinal Allocation Draw

Another draw will determine the appearance of the country in its respective semi- final ( 1st half or 2nd half of the semi-final). We are yet to know in which half of the semi-final Norway, Sweden and Israel are to compete in.

BIG 5 and Denmark voting in Semi-finals

The BIG 5 ( Italy, France, UK, Spain and Germany) countries and hosts Denmark will vote in the semi-finals too.  A draw will also determine which country will vote in which semi-final. As Italy has requested to vote in Semi- final 1 and Germany to vote in Semi-final 2, the 4 remaining countries will  be divided into the 2 semi-finals.

Slovenia ? How many countries will compete in each semi- final?

A total of 36 countries will compete in Copenhagen, the number might rise to 37 as Slovenia is yet to confirm its participation. RTVSLO has been given an extension by the EBU in order to confirm its participation until 17 January.

A total of  30 countries will compete in the 2 semi-finals which are scheduled to be held on 6 and 8 May. 15 countries will compete in each of the 2 semi-finals. If Slovenia confirms its participation 31 countries will battle in the semi-finals, 16 in one semi-final and 15 in the other. Slovenia has been included in the draw and has been alloted into POT 1, in the scenario if it participates, hence if it opts out of the competition, it will be removed from POT 1.

The  BIG 5 ( Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy) and Denmark ( the host country) will compete in the grand final on 10 May.

The 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be held on 6,8,10 May at the B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen. Stay tuned to for the latest news on the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

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  • Stéphan

    Pot 1: Albania – FYROM – Montenegro – (Slovenia) – Switzerland
    Pot 2: Estonia – Finland – Iceland – Latvia – Lithuania
    Pot 3: Azerbaijan – Belarus – Georgia – Russia – Ukraine
    Pot 4: Armenia – Belgium – Greece – Ireland – The Netherlands
    Pot 5: Austria – Hungary – Poland – San Marino
    Pot 6: Malta – Moldova – Portugal – Romania

  • Davve

    Because of the low number of participating countries its almost guarantees the usual countries qualification.

    I think esc 2014 will be great

  • Dennis Evans

    Do we know who has been assigned to what pot, if Slovenia are in pot 1?

  • Owen

    I posted a comment on here about editorial standards at ESCtoday deteriorating earlier today… seems it’s been deleted…I really hope it hasn’t… that would be a shame… particularly as this site has been the victim of censorship in the past.

  • Adrian Kavanagh

    …apart from Norway and Sweden of course! :o

  • Adrian Kavanagh

    If Slovenia has been provisionally assigned to Pot 1, have the other 30 semi-finalist countries already been assigned across the different six pots yet?