Sweden: Sanna Nielsen favourite to win Melodifestivalen 2014

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Sweden: Sanna Nielsen favourite to win Melodifestivalen 2014

The six time Melodifestivalen star, who will be competing shortly in the contest for her 7th attempt with the track Undo talks about being the favourite to win the whole competition.

Sanna Nielsen is an established star in her native Sweden. She first entered Melodifestivalen back in 2001 and her best placing was with Empty Room at the 2008 final at the Globen. Her entry in 2014 with the Fredrik Kempe track Undo will see Nielsen’s seventh attempt to lift the trophy.

In a recent interview with SVT Nielsen talks about how her entry is being touted as the favourite to walk away with the prize and win the golden ticket to represent the Swedish nation at the 59th Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen this May.

She is quoted as saying “I never take anything for granted”. What can be assured is that the 2008 runner up and people’s choice will certainly be going in with what promises to be a strong ballad which she describes as “I can say that I will go in and just be me. I want people to really listen to this text and melody, I want to try to convey the feelings that the song actually says”.

You can read the full interview in Swedish on SVT’s official Melodifestivalen site here

As one of Sweden’s most popular female vocalists the coming weeks promise to be an exciting one for Nielsen as we will see her vie with 31 other artists in a bid to represent Sweden in Copenhagen at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

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  • Phil

    I wonder how she can be touted as the favourite as her song has not been made public…

  • Jack

    She wants us to feel the song’s meaning? This leads me to believe her song is most likely a ballad this year, and if we look to the record Sweden aren’t fans of ballads recently, their most recent having failed to qualify in 2010. I have a feeling they will continue their recent trend of picking up beat pop bangers :)

    I have my hopes out for Helena/Yohio/Anton to fit that mould, or whoever has the best song! x

  • Robert

    Sanna is amazing and my favourite Swedish artist! I am not going all the way to Stockholm to see her lose! Thanks for the update Alex :-)