Krista Siegfrieds

Armenia: Dorians concert in Copenhagen on 10 May

The 2013 Armenian Eurovision representatives Dorians will be holding a concert on 10 May in Copenhagen ahead of their Eurovision experience. Dorians were internally selected to represent Armenia at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. They will

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Finland: Media reports on Krista Siegfrids

Finland chose Krista Siegfrids as their entry for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö last Saturday and it has been discussed widely in the media. Her song lyrics seem to have offended some feminists, while others

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Finland: Meet Krista Siegfrieds, watch interview

The Finnish Eurovision Song Contest websites and have made the first interview in English with the recent winner of UMK, Uuden musiikin kilpailu, Krista Siegfrieds. In this interview she tells how performing at the

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